Saturday, September 2, 2017

Surfer Girl

She was a surfer girl... Living in a white trash world
With a mix of crips and Lompoc locos
I was a metal head
Surviving in the land of the dead
Washing dishes at the neighborhood Cocos

 Upper echelons and Friday night drink o thons...

Was her life in this little Cali town
Head Banger Ball sing o longs
Skipping classes and loading bongs
Was what kept me in the down and out

The first time I seen her
I wanted to do something obscene with her
But my lack of confidence shut me up
She sat at the front of the class
Blonde, blue eyed and full of sass
She had nothing to do with a fourteen year old pimple faced pup

And as the days passed, I would just dream of her thies
And that bottom crack of her ass, which was always a nice surprise

When walking in late for class
She would pass me by
That smile on her face
Would make me fantasize, it was for me

But it wasn't....
The surfer girl had a skeleton in her closet
When I saw " I love Tom " on her book, I nearly lost it
My friends told me I'd better pause it
Because I started to believe my own bullshit, until I saw it

It was around 11th grade, when I felt betrayed
With something I created in my head.
How could she not love a nobody, with no money
Our make believe romance was buried and dead
And what really made it worse was when "Tom" emerged
And proposed to her after graduation

He was our P.E. teacher
When he was creeping with her
While I used her for masturbation....

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