Friday, September 22, 2017

Two Shits

Here's a crazy thought....
Before you choose hastily in having your patriotism bought

Choose your family over your country....
And have your children properly taught.....

If you want to put your hand on your heart, forget about the patch of dirt you're from...

Start with unlearning about cross and mosque burnings
Who has the better team, and after life religious yearnings
Dieing for the best toys and biggest earnings
And the future will have a better outcome....

 The old men on the hill
Would rather have you killed
Then give up their houses, trophy wives, and  stay hard pills
Blood will forever spill....
Until we stop killing each other for dollar bills

Go talk to your neighbors
On a regular basis...
Barbecue with other races
And learn how to squash discriminatory faces

Build your communities
And forget about big governments
Create local opportunities
While the fat cats complain about your no sell out stubbornness

Stop being rudderless
Remaining lost and adrift with the rest of the otherness

Harness your power, and move with the swiftness
And let your children be your witness
So, that they can take the reigns and not miss this
Time in history, when finally, the poor people got fed up
With living in misery...
And finished this....

Stop buying shit that you don't need
Stop living for greed
Grow your own food
And educate your own seeds

And for all you war mongers
Fight for good causes
No longer dieing for profit losses
Taking bullets for unknown foreign bosses
Just keep the wolves at bay
So, the wives can create unbelievable marinade sauces

Because when its time for the changing of the guards
And the voting public is queued

Your new savior again, doesn't give two shits about you



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wise One of Japan ( Part Seven)

Sergeant Foni dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, while his squad of soldiers froze in astonishment.
And before the Neaitans could do anything to protect themselves, a hail of arrows began to pour down upon them. Each soldier hit the ground within a matter of seconds, and the few Neaitans that had managed to take cover between the office buildings closest to their convoy, were only hacked to death by the angry mob of people that called Dashito their home.

Takashi- Hey Patrick, I think we have a live one here!

Patrick slowly made his way through the carnage of dead Neaitan soldiers to where Takashi and a small group of Dashito rebellions stood. And in the middle of this group of Japanese men, a lone Neaitan was sprawled on the pavement with at least six or seven arrows embedded in its chest.

 And as the alien soldier stared at his enemy while breathing erratically, Patrick came into view.

Patrick- Well, well, well, it looks like we have captured us a Neaitan. Good work boys, maybe our new friend here will be happy to talk to us.

Neaitan Soldier- How dare you speak to me in such a disrespectful tone, human.

Patrick- Wow, it looks like our friend here has a little bit of an attitude problem. That’s okay though, because I can fix that. (Patrick turns to Takashi) Hey Takashi, can you do me a favor and fetch me that can of gasoline we brought with us?

Takashi- Yea, no problem.

Patrick- Thank you, and if you could, find me some matches as well.

Neaitan Solder- If you are trying to scare me human, you are wasting your time. I am not afraid to die.

Patrick- Well, that’s good to know because neither am I, but there is a difference when it comes to dying, you can leave this world quick and painless, or slow and agonizing. If it were up to me, I believe quick and painless is the wiser choice.

Neaitan Solder- That’s because you are a cowardly human. Tell me, why did it take your kind so long to fight back? I have been on this planet ever since the beginning and this has been the one question about your kind that has truly puzzled me.

Patrick- Well, I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but for me, the reason would be because of the loss of my wife today.

Neaitan Soldier- Your wife? Did we kill your wife?

Patrick- That’s what I said.

Neaitan Soldier- Thank you for answering my question.

Patrick- What do you mean?

Neaitan Soldier- You humans are all the same. You only care about your personal problems, while the rest of your world dies around you. You are a selfish apathetic waste of space. And this is why we knew that we could conquer you. Your wife, hmm, this all makes sense now. But, it doesn’t matter anymore because, yes, I will eventually die today and when my commanders realize that we haven’t reported in, they will send more troops and kill you all, and this little mishap will be swept under the rug as we gain more control over your pathetic little planet. Oh and about your wife, we had managed to cut her body in two. And come to think about it, I think I still have some of her intestine on the bottom of my right boot. I just thought that you would want to know.

 And from that comment, the match was lit and the Neaitans body went ablaze.

And as its skin began to crackle and pop, the disgusting order of burning flesh had managed to push the group back, as they watched their enemy twist and turn in pain on the streets pavement.

  The last signs of life left the charred remains of the Neaitan soldier, Shoji raised his fist and let out a cry of victory which was then followed by the rest of the group, except for Patrick.

Patrick was troubled in what the Neaitan had said to him, because it was the truth. Yes, the death of Mao was a good enough reason for battle but this war should had started the day the Neaitans had seized control of planet earth. Patrick was ashamed of himself for hiding in the shadows while the rest world had been falling apart.

  So he took an oath, that not only for Mao but for the rest of the world, he would be their savior or die trying. And he knew that it would be impossible to accomplish this task alone, and so with a quick glance in the sky for recognition, he turned to his new found army and asked for their undivided attention.

Patrick- Everyone, please listen up! Okay, good, thank you. Yes, we were victorious today with our small rag tag group of soldiers here, and everyone should be proud of themselves. But, this is just the beginning. What we had accomplished today will send ripples that will turn into tsunamis up the change of command of this so called Neaitan Army, and the only outcome they will have for us, will be a long slow death.

 So now, we are all standing at the cross roads of life with a decision to either take you and your loved ones as far away as possible from this and disappear, or, stay with me and fight. The decision is yours to make. If you choose to run, you will not be looked down upon and you would have probably made the wiser of the two choices, but if you want to stay with me I want to warn you that what you saw today was nothing. It’s going to get a lot bloodier. But, I give you my word that I will give my life for everyone one of you here and to have you fight by my side would be an honor. So, what’s it gonna be?

Shoji- Today as been a long day and we have all witnessed things that we could have never imagined seeing in our own lifetimes. As you know Patrick san, we are all simple farmers here that have raised generations of families in this area for as long as I can remember. And the reason we have all survived is because we take care of not only our own flesh and blood but our neighbors as well. This is the way of Dashito. And for us to turn our backs on you now would be like turning our backs on our very own children we had raised since birth. So, don’t worry Patrick san.

We will fight with you, and we will die with you. It would be our honor as well.

Patrick- Hmm, good to know. I thank you. Well then, we should get started because we have about five hours before it gets dark and by that time I want us in those mountains that stand behind us. We are running out of time people, so I need everyone to clean up this place and get packed, we will be moving out in thirty minutes.

Takashi- Where are you going?

Patrick- I have a few things I have to take care of, I should be back here in about twenty minutes. You should go help your parents. See you in a few.



Takashi- Alright.

Shoji- Patrick san.

Patrick- What?

Shoji- You weren’t always a school teacher, were you?

Patrick- No, no I wasn’t.

 Landor sat alone in his command post, he had his men construct for him outside the small train station, where earlier in the day, all of this madness had begun. Landor was normally overconfident in whatever he was involved with, but for some reason he had a bad feeling growing in the bottom of his stomach about sending the squad of inexperienced soldiers to Dashito. He should have gone with them. He knew this.

 And while he sat alone questioning his actions, a grunt Neaitan soldier interrupted his thoughts. 

Neaitan Soldier- Excuse me Commander Landor but I was sent over to inform you that Sergeant Fonis’ squad has not reported in sir. We had tried several times to contact them sir, but it seems their communication system is down.

What should we do sir?

Landor simply stared at the soldier and then shut his eyes. This was it, the beginning of a very long problem for him and his Neaitan Army he had created himself. Why had he been so stupid?

Neaitan Soldier- Sir?

Landor opened his eyes and glared at the young soldier, and then spoke.

Landor- I want a convoy of trucks idling in front of this tent in twenty minutes. And inside these trucks I want three squads locked and loaded, and ready to deploy to Dashito. Is this clear soldier?

Neaitan Soldier- Yes sir.

 And as the young soldier hurried off with his orders, Landor sat in his chair and thought of home. Why did he volunteer for this? He was doing fine on his own planet, where there were other assignments he could have chosen, and still been able to go home to his beloved wife. Oh yes, he then remembered why, his duty to the Neaitan Army. For something he loved so much, deep inside, he equally despised.

  But he knew there was nothing else he could do now but to complete his mission. And the sooner he could achieve this goal, the sooner he could get off this filthy rock called planet earth. And with that thought, he holstered his weapon and walked outside.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Letters from Syria

Dear Mother,
 I'm really sorry for upsetting you and dad. But, my mind is made up. I'm a grown man, I'm no longer a pup. No hard feelings, and please don't stay mad. It's only sensible to be respectable to the Koran. Dad said I make skinheads look respectable. That comment I still don't understand.

 The boss told me that I'm one of the chosen ones. So, I shall slay the weak and overcome.
We are creating a universe for our blood thirst. Destroying infidels will rid this curse, of open minded views. They will feel our blade, so their children can watch it on the news.

Dear Mother,
 Okay, I'll fess up. I think I messed up for answering the "Work in Syria" flyer
I grew my beard out, but I found out these guys might be liers!
One person I find acting strangely, is our manager Steve. We knick named him Mr. Gangely and
I think he wants me to leave, and every time he see's me he looks like he has the dry heaves. He was transferred from Langely, but this could be another trick up his sleeve. All this misinformation, he's hard to believe. He promised me freedom from my oppression, if I do everything he say's
Which is all fine and dandy, if you like your underwear sandy and having sex with things that  "Bah's" and "Neigh's". Anyway, the boss said, believe in me and you'll get three meals a day. It struck me funny, from the irony, that you get the same deal at Guantanamo Bay. If only I was born 3000 years ago.We would have been the best of buds, I surely know. Playing in camel turds, and having sex with goat herds. A splendid time it would have been.
So, it's up to me to keep this candle going in the desert wind.

Dear Mother,
 Other than the weather, things have gotten better. And disregard what I said about the fellas in the last letter because I don't want to sound like a bed wetter. We just misunderstood each other. And ever since my first kill, they treat me like a brother. I'll have to admit though, it was kind of gross.
Do you know how difficult it is to get blood out of clothes? I finally received my first pay statement!
Apparently, I weeks earnings is a plate of camel steak and an hour in the rape tent. And before I forget, let me tell you about our little ice breaker. My roomies prayer time turned into swear time
when I showed him a doodle on paper. I was expecting applause, but what I got was a kick to the balls, over a silly picture of Santa Clause. I didn't understand it. He just grabbed it and shared it with the whole encampment, acting like I broke some commandment. Whatever, right?

 But other than that shit, it' been pretty groovy. I've been helping them with this little movie. I can't give you many details, over the contract saying that they'll sue me. The caterings great! Between takes, we break for dirt porridge and dung soup! Okay...okay, I'll share with you a little about the movie, since I trust you. They are ninjas and I'm in an orange jump suit. But, that's it about this action flick. This will be a classic! I'm really ecstatic! You definitely shouldn't miss this. It should be finished soon and be out before Christmas.

Dear Mother,
 Okay, where do I start? I'm sorry for breaking both of your hearts. What can I say? Please, accept my apology. I really mean it this time, and no, I know I said the same thing when I quit Scientology.
Psychologically, there is something wrong with me. I was never fond of me. I never understood
myself properly, as well as the way my "brothers" respond to me.

Do you remember what I wrote in the last letter? Apparently, the ones that were friendly, thought
they would like me better, with my head dismembered! What up with that, right?

  Luckily, I was able to escape after a drone strike that knocked out their search lights.
It was total chaos! There were people blown away every where! When the U.S. was trying to slay us,
I messed up my underwear. Jihad John was really mad, along with his combatinents because this attack upset their nightly rusty trombone practice. He's been a lit match and a can of gas, ever since
the collapse of Iraq, and being bitch slapped for having his morals mismatched and unattached from this Cali chap named Pat. But now, he does ruddy solos in his buddies buttholes like a leather boy Londoner, while his back up band refer to him as the girly boy "Govenaaa".

Weird right? But, this is in the past. And all I ask, is for you guys to pay for my flight, home.
I really wished I let you steer me right, but instead I just moaned and groaned, and left on my own.
I feel like a douche. My short fuse and radical idealistic views, made me lose in the end. And now I realize that all I ever wanted was to be accepted by family and friends.

Your loving son,

P.S. Can I have my old room back?


Monday, September 11, 2017

Two Worlds

She wonders....

How two worlds collided to make herself?

But at least she's not alone, she has some one else
She watches, her brother build mountain tops
And then, knock them down again
She's worried, but at least she has a friend

They've wandered through an adult world of pretend
Jumping through wormholes that will never end
With two fractured souls that learned how to mend

Nothing can stop the wirl wind, just let it spin

They stand, together hand in hand
Another crowded station, and more demands
Their mothers wishes are over bearing
Their father insists that they are over caring

A couple that acts as if nothing's wrong
With two children wanting to belong
He wonders, why he doesn't look the same
Too much praise from the others fills him with shame

He watches, another one of his kind being shuffled through the crowd
Their eyes meet, and wish to speak, but these two worlds are too loud

He looks up to his sister, and realizes then...

That she's the only one that understands
Mother is tired, and looks stressed out
Father tries to inspire but filled with doubt
The children are pressured, they just want to play
"Hushed", she whispers in his ear...

" Don't worry, it gets better, live for another day."

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Surfer Girl

She was a surfer girl... Living in a white trash world
With a mix of crips and Lompoc locos
I was a metal head
Surviving in the land of the dead
Washing dishes at the neighborhood Cocos

 Upper echelons and Friday night drink o thons...

Was her life in this little Cali town
Head Banger Ball sing o longs
Skipping classes and loading bongs
Was what kept me in the down and out

The first time I seen her
I wanted to do something obscene with her
But my lack of confidence shut me up
She sat at the front of the class
Blonde, blue eyed and full of sass
She had nothing to do with a fourteen year old pimple faced pup

And as the days passed, I would just dream of her thies
And that bottom crack of her ass, which was always a nice surprise

When walking in late for class
She would pass me by
That smile on her face
Would make me fantasize, it was for me

But it wasn't....
The surfer girl had a skeleton in her closet
When I saw " I love Tom " on her book, I nearly lost it
My friends told me I'd better pause it
Because I started to believe my own bullshit, until I saw it

It was around 11th grade, when I felt betrayed
With something I created in my head.
How could she not love a nobody, with no money
Our make believe romance was buried and dead
And what really made it worse was when "Tom" emerged
And proposed to her after graduation

He was our P.E. teacher
When he was creeping with her
While I used her for masturbation....

Life Is Better Now

Now, let's go back in time.... To a different place.... With the smiling faces of a make believe happy family... Callously, fol...