Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Waiting at the Gate

I was walking with my friends....
The sun was going down, blinding our vision

Black and tans in our hands, holding back our frowns, saying goodbye once again...

Our summer days, had come to an end, we saddled up with precision
And this is when, our crazy night  had began....

We made our way to a buddies house, but, he wanted some time alone on his old stained couch....
To explore the inside of a new girlfriends blouse
While AC/DC played in the background....
"Giving The Dog a Bone"

We fully could comprehend.....
So,we finished our drinks
Thinking about an excuse for the group to leave
I couldn't believe how easy it was to pretend
Saying our goodbyes again, while stuffing beers up our sleeves

Another girl....
Was with our clan, and stuck by my side
Drunk and thoughtless, cold and heartless, the rest eventually died
I became her world, while the group faded away in the darkness
Leaving their mark spotless, by the broom of life
In my subconscious, hand in hand with a future wife?

But, after many fights, during whiskey nights
Overwhelmed, she silently cried...
We sobered up, and she went ahead without saying goodbye
Just another one night stand, filled with drunken lies

I was an old jester....
Living out my best years 
Wandering its endless hallways
In a House of Mirrors
I lost my last peer....
When I tried to build a nest with her
Shuddering, that this might be the end of me

I was running late, all alone and feeling alien
And this is when I woke up, wiping the slobber from my chin
Strangers come and go in my dreams, like passing trends
But my true friends are waiting at the gate

Ready to walk and laugh, in the sun again....

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