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Tech No!

Followers kiss the rings....

Of their heavy metal kings
And raise their pints to punk rock heroes

It's a beautiful thing when the gospel sings...

And hip hop fills the pockets of ghetto kids with ones and zeroes
Folk singers tell stories of forgotten places....

Reminding us of the good and the bad, while cold beer chases

Blues men keep grim tales alive, and the devil waiting
And country plays in the background during barnyard dating

But, then there is techno, which I truly don't understand
It sounds like a car alarm while beating pots and pans
A mixture of Galaxy Quest and a rusty electric fan
Moving the bodies of a million retarded dancing fans
While improving drug dealer business plans
Fire whirl....
Consuming hearts patience
Enigmatic twirl...
Love succumbs to complaisance
Music fills the soul...
And builds different relations
From the cream of the crop....
To raver kid retardation
Mistaking DJs as talent and pushing them to the top
When they are only stolen art imitations
Let's come together and flush this defecation
Displacing pop fables, making the world more spacious

Like making the insane waitress take back the stale coffee
Sneering, for the simple fact that we had the nerve to say this
How long do we have to wait for this?
It's time to form an alliance with each other
And come together as long lost sisters and brothers....
Reboot true talent and burn away this clutter

Destroying this lameness should be like bread and butter


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Surfer Girl

She was a surfer girl... Living in a white trash world
With a mix of crips and Lompoc locos
I was a metal head
Surviving in the land of the dead
Washing dishes at the neighborhood Cocos

 Upper echelons and Friday night drink o thons...
Was her life in this little Cali town
Head Banger Ball sing o longs
Skipping classes and loading bongs
Was what kept me in the down and out

The first time I seen her
I wanted to do something obscene with her
But my lack of confidence shut me up
She sat at the front of the class
Blonde, blue eyed and full of sass
She had nothing to do with a fourteen year old pimple faced pup

And as the days passed, I would just dream of her thies
And that bottom crack of her ass, which was always a nice surprise
When walking in late for class
She would pass me by
That smile on her face
Would make me fantasize, it was for me

But it wasn't....
The surfer girl had a skeleton in her closet
When I saw " I love Tom " on her book, I nearly lost it
My friends told me I'd better pause …

Flying Mice and Glowing Orbs

As he lied in bed, with his right leg in the air, a childhood memory surfaced.

   He was seven years old at his home in California. It was the beginning of summer, and he had just returned from his towns annual Flower Festival. He was grinning ear to ear with excitement because he had been waiting for this day to arrive for at least three months, and for a child, three months  can seem like a decade, if not more.

  Other than today’s agenda for him, this festival was the only thing to look forward to, if you were a kid in this sleepy town. It had stuff for the grownups to do, which was pretty much escaping your reality at the local bar, but if you were under the age of puberty, you had to rely on your imagination for entertainment, especially if you were the loner type.

  He wasn’t an outcast or anything. He played with the neighborhood kids, but when it came to fun, or what he considered “real fun” he preferred his own company. He figured out that it was best not to invite any one …

Angels and Demons

Okay, let's take a break from my campfire stories and talk about life.

 "What's the meaning?" is one of those age old questions that I have never been to fond of. It's too vague. I prefer, " What's the meaning of your life?" Why are you still here, and, what has kept you alive throughout all of these years?

Me, being a father and a teacher can sum up my existence with three words.
Protect, teach, and inspire.

Pretty simple, right?

But, to do this I have to follow the path that had been designed for me. And this path is filled with twists and turns, and especially alot of dead ends.

And this is where you will run into the two entities that share the title of this post.

If you are a generally good person the angels will get to you first. And of course if you have led a life of douchbaggery, well you know who you are going to end up going to the prom with.

I've crossed paths with strangers, when my life was not soo peachy. They just came up, dropp…