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Wise One of Japan (Part Six)

Landor- What information do you have for me sergeant?

Sergeant Foni- We had found the humans identity card and it seems she is from Dashito, which is only two hours north of here. She is also married with one female child, and her husband is not of the Japanese species. It seems he is from America sir. But we have yet to find out his identity at this time.

Landor- Hmm, interesting. And you say that this town is only two hours away, sergeant?

Sergeant Foni- Yes sir. Why, do you have something in mind sir?

Landor- Yes sergeant I do, but before I tell you, I want to ask you something. How long have you served in the Neaitan army Sergeant Foni?

Sergeant Foni- I have proudly served in this army for the past eight years, sir. Why do you ask?

Landor- That’s good sergeant, it seems that you’re an experienced soldier wanting to make a career for himself, would this be correct sergeant?

Sergeant Foni- Yes sir, it is my dream to become a commander in this great army sir.

Landor- Well then sergeant, I believe opportunity is shining down upon you today. I am sure you would agree with me in what had happened today was rare and unexpected. And if the information that one female human had managed to kill two Neaitan soldiers gets to the public, a rebellion might ensue. And if this happens, not only will this not be good for the Neaitans involvement with this miserable planet, but our employment as well. But if, we manage to stop any inspiration in challenging this great army of ours, by making an example out of someone or something, we will not only be helping our fellow Neaitans but our careers as well. Do you understand what I am getting at sergeant?

Sergeant Foni- Yes sir, I believe I do. What did you have in mind sir?

Landor- After your men clean up this mess, I want your squad to go to this town of Dashito and flex your muscles a bit. I want you to show these people who are in charge and if anyone gets in your way, cut them down. It’s as simple as that, and when you and your men return, I will make sir to report this act of loyalty to the proper officials. And this will get you closer to your dream Sergeant Foni. Do you understand everything that I said Sergeant Foni?

Sergeant Foni- Yes sir, I understand completely sir. And I would like to thank for this rare opportunity sir. You can trust me sir, I will not let you down.

Landor- I hope you don’t sergeant or you will be facing the same fate as your old squad leader. You’re dismissed.

  The chaos had found him again. Patrick had actually believed that he could hide from his past, but as he sat on the bench he and Mao had shared for the past three years, he accepted his fate. He knew who he truly was and what he truly excelled at, and this was the art of killing. He knew this was his destiny, even though for some time now he had thought he could actually change his, but he knew he had been living a lie.

But this lie had brought him a happiness that he refused to give up. A happiness that he had never realized he could ever achieve on his own. And this is what he would fight for.

  Before he would only kill for the sake of his officials orders, which he had the capability of doing without the slightest feeling of emotion, as if his body was actually connected to the blade that would puncture his enemies heart. He had been trained to be a weapon that could open up the chest cavity of stranger, in some unknown foreign land, for some unknown reason, without feeling.

Don’t think, just attack and kill, it’s as simple as that, no questions asked.

  That was the philosophy that was burned inside him. But this time it was different. This was personal. They took away the one person that understood him and kept him sane. The one person that had pulled him out of his hell, he had called his life. And as a tear ran down his left cheek, he made a vow to himself that no matter what, Mao’s death would not be in vain. But then he thought about his daughter Mally. What would happen to her because of her fathers’ vengeful spirit? How long would she have to live her life looking over her shoulder, from some Neaitan looking to collect a debt? For her safety, she would have to disappear, even if this meant being separated from her father. This was a tragic decision for him to make because he had loved her dearly, but it had to be done because he knew the enemy was coming, and without the slightest idea that they were the lambs heading straight into the lions den. And after this foreign enemy’s officials realized who had licked the bones dry of their fallen soldiers, more would come looking for the mysterious American that resided in the small town of Dashito.


Shoji- Takashi san, we are ready whenever you need us.

Takashi- That’s good to know. Has the women and children been evacuated yet?

Shoji- We had the small children leave with the elderly, but most of the women wanted to stay and help out. So right now, we are looking at about a hundred volunteers. Has Patrick san informed you yet in what he has in mind for us to do?

Takashi- No, not yet, He has just been staring off into space for the past twenty minutes now. I figured I’d give him a couple more minutes. It’s a shame about Mao. I can’t believe she’s dead.

Shoji- Yes, it is too bad that we had lost such a great woman as Mao. She was a very nice lady. She will be missed. But, we should start planning in what we are going to do because this town will not accept any more losses. So please, go and talk to your friend.

Takashi- Yes, you’re right. I will go and see what he has planned, and as soon as I know something, you will be the first to know.

Shoji- Thank you.

   Takashi slowly made his way over to his friend while thinking about how just the day before they had been joking about this actual event. Takashi was beginning to feel a little ashamed of himself for making light of the situation and the insensitive things he had said to his friend. But then he stopped himself from feeling guilty because how could he have known that this would actually happen, and on top of that, they had always been insensitive to each other,anyway. It wasn’t anything mean spirited, it was just how they joked with each other. But then again, no one had actually died before. Takashi was confused.

 He didn’t know if he should apologize or just move on as if nothing had ever been said. This was one of the qualities he disliked about himself. He always felt guilty about everyone around him. He always thought that he wasn’t as good of a person as he ought to be. Maybe this was just part of his Japanese upbringing or just some strange chemical imbalance inside of him, but whatever it was, he didn’t like it. And as he made his final steps to his friend, he realized that Patrick was motioning him to stop.

Patrick- Hold up.

Takashi- What?

Right then Takashi noticed a dog sitting to the left of his friend, but then scurried off behind the apartment complex in where Patrick had been living.

Patrick- Dude, you scared it away!

Takashi- Umm, okay sorry?

Patrick- Whose dog is that?

Takashi- I think it belongs to some old lady down the street. Why?

Patrick- I was thinking about getting Mally a dog when she gets older. Do you think she would like a dog like that?

Takashi- Umm, maybe. Are you okay?

Patrick- Why do you ask?

Takashi- Well, because not only was your wife killed today, but there is a strong possibility that there will be Neaitan soldiers visiting our town soon, and you’re talking about what dog you should get your kid. I am just worried about you, that’s all.

Patrick- Well, I appreciate your concern Takashi. You’re a good friend. And yes, I’m a total wreck right now, but don’t worry about the Neaitans because I have got a plan to catch them with their pants down.

Takashi- To catch them? Do you mean we are going to set a trap? How?

Patrick- Oh Takashi, look at our surroundings. We are sitting right in the middle of the trap right now. Do remember my peanut butter story?

Takashi- Yea?

Patrick- And do you remember the moral of the story?

Takashi- Oh, about thinking outside the box, right?

Patrick- Right.

Takashi- (Pause) I don’t understand.

Patrick- Don’t worry, I will explain everything to you and the crew. Now, let’s get to work. We don’t have a lot of time.

 Sergeant Foni was ecstatic. Not only was he finally promoted to squad leader but the possibility of him becoming an officer was mind boggling! He had fantasized about this opportunity ever since joining the Neaitan army eight long years ago, but now his dreamed was becoming a reality, even though he had been doubted by his fellow soldiers, regarding his skills at being a leader.

And for a while, he had actually questioned his capabilities at being a top soldier, but this was all in the past because he was now sitting proudly in the lead vehicle of the convoy of soldiers heading for Dashito, locked, stocked, and ready for battle.

Sergeant Foni- Driver, how long before we reach Dashito?

Driver- We’re about an hour outside of town, sergeant? Why?

Sergeant Foni- Well, I was thinking about pulling over, so I can lay out our plan of attack, with the men.

Driver- No problem sergeant, but we might get stuck in this soft ground here, so we should wait until we get up on the pavement again. Are you okay with that sergeant?

Sergeant Foni- Yes, no problem. We can’t afford any more setbacks today, can we driver?

Driver- No we can’t sergeant. Sergeant Foni, there seems to be a human on the side of the road up ahead. Shall I run him over?

Sergeant Foni- No, leave him alone driver. He is no threat to us; he is only a simple farmer. We have bigger fish to fry in Dashito.

And as the convoy of Neaitans roared down the dirt road, the innocent looking Japanese man on the bicycle pulled out a cell phone and called the awaiting army in Dashito.

Patrick- Okay, what do you got for me?

Takashi- Well, I had managed to scrape up about a hundred people. Oh, and you will like this, around thirty of them are from a local archery school, and another twenty or so, are local police, so we will have access to their weapons.

Patrick- Hmm, sounds good. And the rest?

Takashi- Well, the rest are local farmers and wives the wanted to stay and help.

Patrick- Good work. I just got word that they are about 40 minutes outside of town. So, we need to get everyone in position.

Takashi- All right, I ‘m on it.

 The plan was simple. Sergeant Foni wanted to roll into the middle of town, as if they were going to have a normal specimen check point. And as soon as the humans lined up with their identification, as they always did without any hassle, the Neaitans would gun them down and leave the dead bodies to be found by the neighboring communities. This would be a message to the humans that the Neaitans were the masters, and that they would strike down fatally against any opposition that stood in their way.

 And as the convoy of trucks pulled into town, Sergeant Foni was gleaming with excitement. He imagined himself at the awards ceremony, accepting his new founded glory, as the audience roared with admiration. And as a commanding officer pinned a medal of bravery on Sergeant Foni’s lapel, the Neaitan driver rudely interrupted the fantasy.

Driver- Sergeant Foni, there doesn’t seem to be anybody here. Does this seem strange to you, sergeant?

Sergeant Foni- They are probably all inside doing whatever humans do at this time of day. Don’t worry driver. The center of town is just up ahead. I want you to pull over there and turn the loud speakers on. It looks like we are going to have to interrupt this towns midday nap. Oh, these humans are such a lazy unproductive race.

Driver- Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more, Sergeant Foni.

And as the convoy came to a stop, Sergeant Foni hopped out of the passenger door with a microphone in his hand, and began to address the town of Dashito that their master as arrived and that it would behoove them to obey.

Sergeant Foni- Inhabitants of Dashito, this is Sergeant Foni of the Neaitan Army. There will be a Specimen Checkpoint beginning in twenty minutes at the center of town. Please bring your proper identification and line up behind our vehicles. This is mandatory, so for those of you that do not choose to attend, you will be arrested...

I repeat… Inhabitants of Dashito, this is Sergeant Foni of the Neaitan Army. There will be a Specimen Checkpoint beginning in twenty minutes at the center of town. Please bring your proper identification and line up behind our vehicles. This is mandatory, so for those of you that do not choose to attend, you will be arrested.

And as Sergeant Foni repeatedly addressed the town of Dashito, the squad of soldiers climbed out of their vehicles and began preparation for the check point, by setting their weapons on full auto.

Sergeant Foni waited patiently by the side of his vehicle for a response, but was only given back the sounds of rustling leaves, and birds singing in the distance. And at this time, he began to take in his surroundings and had realized that he and his squad were boxed inside the surrounding office buildings and apartment complexes that encircled them.

He thought to himself, “What should I do?” No one was responding and his men were staring at him, waiting for their orders. So, Sergeant Foni deciding to give it one last shot with his microphone, and if this didn’t work, he would order his men to start kicking in doors. And as he began his last attempt on the Neaitan loud speaker that was connecting to the top of his vehicle, Patrick, Takashi, and a Japanese boy, no older than sixteen, watched from the top of a building, a thousand feet adjacent from the Neaitan soldiers.

Patrick- This guy is too much. Takashi, I think it’s time for our little friend here to earn his days pay. I want you to tell him to put an arrow through that morons head.

Takashi- No problem.

Takashi gave the order in Japanese to the teenager, whose sister had been taken by the Neaitans, in America, six months prior. And without hesitation, the boy nodded to Takashi and pulled an arrow back in his bow, and shot it in the Neaitans direction.

Sergeant Foni- People of Dashito, this is your last.....


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