Friday, April 6, 2018

Lompoc is a great place to visit but...

A young man slouched in his chair...

The first period bell rang, he wished he didn't have to be there

Over the P.A., his principal sang a good morning to his nightmare

As the girl in front of him, shuffled through her bag for her compact mirror

Young in mind, and doing time through the public school system

Criticized for not being hypnotized, his teachers would diss him

A worksheet had found him, that had traveled from the front

Questioning his future, he read the bold headed font, it said....

After you graduate, what do you want.....

To do with you life?

A fancy car, a career, a trophy wife?


He paused and thought...

And then with a grin....

He put down his pencil and picked up his pen

Because he knew he could write with out making mistakes

And that, he could use this as an excuse when his teacher

Would demand that he rewrite after he erased

And so he wrote and scribbled his rebellious note

That would get him detention, before his parents wringed  his throat


And when he finished, the class came to an end

He picked up his books, and began to descend

Passed the teachers desk and to the front door

As sneakers and sandals scuffed up the well polished floor  

He handed in his paper getting ready for the attack

And that's when his teacher stopped him and asked....

And he replied, to be as far away from here as possible

And never come back.

Through the eyes of nonconformity, his soul wanted to drown

He had a deformity that needed to escape this town

And the rest of the crowd, that would just shoot off their mouths

At football games, barbecues, drunken parking lot boxing bouts

Blue collar slobs, and shitting sports bars

Two dollar hand jobs from grade C strippers, treated like rock stars

Debt collectors and authority figure child molesters

Preying on the weak and failed methamphetamine inventors

Hanging with guys clearly older than he was

Slinging burgers and fries, and smoking weed at the back of the bus

There was no need to discuss, in what this boy wanted

Dead hero's and low life zeros is what this town flaunted

So, the moral of this story is that there is so much more....

Than settling for a shitty pay check, and another jaunt to the liquor store....

 I grew up in Lompoc, California ever since I was six years old. And before that, since I was an air force brat, I had lived in various locations such as Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, and Ithaca, New York. But, since I was pretty much a baby during this constant moving, the memories have washed away.

Lompoc though still remains and as much as I disliked the place when I was younger I still find myself going back to visit every now and then.

Last year, I took my daughter to America for the first time and as much as I warned her that nobody speaks Japanese where we are going, and that she prefers to constantly speak, it will be a long five days for her.

Her reply was, "Shinpai shinai de kudasai!" (Don't worry about it!")

So we went. And as soon as we arrived at my buddy Rays house (In Lompoc) her happy go nature self shut down as soon as she met my big scary American friends, but then, my friend Steve showed up with his six year old daughter and four year old son and every thing turned around. The two girls hit it off and an hour after showing up (and hiding behind me) my daughter came out of her shell and returned to her chatter box self, but in the new and improved English version.

"Hey, you could speak English all along! What the hell?"
"I told you not to worry about it , Father." She responded in this weird 1950's television show accent.
"Okay, stop it. You're freaking me out."

Lompoc is pretty small so when it comes to doing stuff your options are limited. Luckily though we are both big fans of barb b cue and nature (which is pretty much the only thing this town specializes in) but after a day and a half we were ready to go (mostly me). I am like a shark, so I have to keep moving. This little town is lovely and all but still I don't want to live there. Even living in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo I get antsy but this is just me.

My son has been bugging me about taking him to America because he thinks its a giant toy store. He is still too young to understand what exactly a country is but since all of his favorite YouTube toy videos comes from the states, he put two and two together and looks at Old Glory as a Super Toys R' Us., which I guess it kind of is without the foreclosure sign.

We will probably stop by my hometown while we are there, but since he has by DNA, six hours after wandering around Lompoc, he'll be ready to move on to where the action is.

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