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Wise One of Japan ( Chapter Four)

   And as Patrick climbed the final steps to the baby sitters house, he gave out the orders of the day to his little one, "Ok Mally, I want you to behave your self today at Manami’s. I don’t want to hear about you smoking cigarettes or breaking into her liquor cabinet again. Do you understand me? OK, here we are, hold on a second baby girl. But, just as he was about to ring the front bell, the front door swung open.

 Ohaiyo gouzaimasu! Patrick-san! Ohaiyo Mally-chan! Genki desuka? Manami said with her normal warm and bubbly self.

Ohaiyo gouzaimasu! Watashitachi wa genki desu.
Patrick replyed.

Oh, your Japanese is improving! Is Mao making you study more?

Yea, she is always on my case about it. I know I should study more, but to be honest with you, I am kind of lazy when it comes to studying.

I already know this Patrick san. Your wife tells me this every time we talk on the phone. I think she wants you to be Japanese. Anyway, how is little Mally-chan today? Oh, she is so cute.

She has been good today, so far anyway. I should be back around 430 to pick her up. Is that okay?

Yea, that is fine. Just call before you come over, so I can get her ready. Oh, come here little Mally. Oh, you are so cute! She has the cutest eyes! There huge!

I know. She kind of looks like an owl, right? That’s why I call her my little wise one. Oh, and don’t worry. I already warned her about stealing your cigarettes and booze again. So, everything should be okay. See you later!

Bye bye, Mally.

Oh Mally, your father is a very strange man. Bye bye, see you later.

(Patrick’s phone rings)

Moshi moshi! Patrick answered in his best Japanese accent.

"Hey dude. Don’t worry about coming in to work today because the school is closed. " Takashi voice said through the receiver.

"Oh really, why what happened?"

"I don’t know yet. The vice principal just called about ten minutes ago, but he was kind of vague. He said he would call back, when he knew more in what’s going on."

"So, do I have to work today?"

"Well, for now, I guess not. But don’t get too comfortable because you know how unexpected work can pop up around here. I will keep you posted. But enough talk about work, are we practicing tomorrow night?" Takashi asked.

"I finally have finished that song we were working on last time you were over."

"I would love to rock out, but I have to check with Mao first. I don’t know if she is working tomorrow."

(sarcastically) Oh, I have to ask my wife first. OK pussy, when you find out if you can come out and play tomorrow, please let me know as soon as you can."

"Why, do you have plans with your mommy to going shopping for a new dress?"

"Hey, leave my mom out of this!"

"Okay fine, so why are you in such a hurry for me to let you know? Are you busy tomorrow?"

"Well yea, sort of. I am supposed to go out for lunch."

"Oh yea, with whom?" Patrick asked.

"Well (Pause) my mom but…"

"Yea, that’s what I thought fag! I will call you later, bye."

(Phone rings again)

"Jesus, What now? Moshi Moshi…Hello?"

(crying) "Gomen. I should have listened to you."

"Mao? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?"

"They stopped the train outside of Tokyo, and then they started shooting at each other, and so I hid, and…"

"Wait a minute! Slow down and tell me everything that happened!"

"Like I said, there was an inspection check today outside of Tokyo. But then, one of the soldiers started to argue with one of, you know “Them”, And they started fighting. Suddenly, everyone started to shoot at each other..."

"Patrick, they killed every body, the soldiers, the passengers, everybody, and now they are looking for survivors. Oh my God, I am so scared. What should I do?"

"Fuck! Um, oh shit. Hmm, let me think of something. Just stay calm...Hello? Are you still there? Hello? Mao say something! Oh fuck!"

"Their coming! Oh my God! (Crying) Patrick..."

"What's happening?"

(Crying) I’m sorry. Protect Mally. (Click)

"Hello? Hello?"

(Phone rings)

"Mao? Are you okay?"

"Dude, calm down it’s me; you won’t believe what I just heard on the news."

"I know what’s going on and I need you to get to Manami’s as fast as you can alright?"

  And throughout the bullet-ridden train, moans and groans could be heard from the dying. Landor was furious with his men for breaking protocol by firing upon the passengers. The male passengers he could care less about because he had no use for them, but the female passengers would have filled his quota for the day, and without this quota being filled, Landers’s superiors would be furious as well. But one thing that did puzzle him was the aggressiveness of the humans here. 

 This had never happened before but then this was the countryside. The Neaitans selection checkpoints were normally held in major metropolises throughout the world but because of the depletion of specimens, the Neaitans were beginning to focus on the smaller communities. The one thing that had worried them though was that these areas hadn’t been sprayed yet, but they assumed through the use of fear and intimidation, their specimens would come quietly. They were wrong.

Ten years prior to this invasion, the Neaitans had introduced a technology to all of the governments throughout the world that would enable them to modify the world’s weather. The Neaitans knew that each government would want to master this for the sole purpose of becoming a world power, but they were actually simultaneously shooting each other in the foot. This technology was actually a toxin that would dumb down the earths inhabitants for an easy future attack. And just like fishing, the Neaitans wanted to only focus on the heavy populated areas until they were all “fished out”, and then eventually troll in the more seclude areas of the world. And because of the rapid success of over powering the human race, the Neaitans arrogance had become completely out of control, and this was the beginning of their demise.

Landor had stood motionless while observing the days turn of events, and as he gazed among the carnage of this trains station, for some reason he still felt a little optimistic. He had decided to check out the train for the possibility of any female survivors, and then report back to his superiors with the unfortunate news. So, he and his men made their way one train car at a time with their fingers crossed that they could salvage this disaster.

Mao could hear them coming as well, as she hid in a fetal position behind a row of first class priority seating intended for corporate executives commuting to Yokohama. And as she laid there with her eyes closed she thought about her loved ones, her parents, Mally, Patrick. And as a tear began to run down her right cheek, a hand grabbed her shoulder.

"Oh my God! Please don’t hurt me!"

" Ssssh! Be quiet, or they will hear us." Colonel Sandry said with a whisper.

"Who are you? What are we going to do? I need to get home! Please help me!"

"Maam, please calm down. My name is Colonel San...I’m sorry. My name is John. I am an officer in the U.S. Army. I will help you, don’t worry. But please, you have to stay calm for me. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I can. I’m sorry but I am just a little scared right now, and come to think of it, I little angry at myself as well."

"Well, we all have our own little problems, don’t we? But for right now, we have to put our personal shit on the back burner, and focus on getting off this train in one piece. What’s your name any way?"


"Well Mao, if we want to survive this cluster fuck, it would behoove us to work as a team, so, I need to know if you have any experience with fire arms?"

"No, I don’t know anything about guns."

"Well today, your attitude will completely change. Meet your new friend Mao. His name is Berretta 9mm. Here take it!"

"But I don’t know!"

"Sssh. You need to relax Mao. Don’t worry it’s easy. All you do is pull this back and then point and shoot. You can do it Mao, I know you can. Now, stay behind me as close as you can."

"Okay. Oh my God! Are you alright?"

"No, I am not alright but I’m not dead yet, so just stay behind me and keep quiet. Oh shit! Get down!"

 Right then, an arsenal of bullets shattered the windows and seats around Mao and the colonel, as a lone Neaitan soldier charged its way into the train, destroying everything in its path. With a sadistic look in his eyes, Colonel Sandry fired back at the Neaitan and successfully opened a hole in the aliens’ chest, but unfortunately the good colonel took fire as well, and fell to his knees in shame. And as death began to overtake Colonel Sandry, Mao stood over him in shock. She couldn’t believe this was happening around her, but as the colonels’ blood began to pool around her feet, her survival button was pressed and she knew now was the time to start running.

As soon as Landor and his men heard all of the commotion going on at the far end of the train, they immediately began making their way through the dead bodies that blocked the aisles, for the chance of capturing any females trying to escape. There was already word on the radio that a Neaitan soldier was killed, and that a lone Japanese woman was seen exiting the train, and with this new slap in Landors’ face, Landor ordered for her immediate capture, and if she wasn’t alive, there would be hell to pay.

  Mao was never a fan of was running, but when there are blood thirsty aliens on her trail, she had no problem beating her feet against the pavement. One thing she did regret was all of those times she had declined in going jogging with her husband, because now her legs felt like they were on fire, and on top of that, she was running out of breath at a rapid pace.

“How am I going to get out of this one?”, she thought to herself, as she zig zagged through the little alley ways of this tiny town. She then suddenly realized that she was lost, and because of this, she began to panic.

 But not everything thing was at a loss because she still had her phone and the gun that was given to her by the man on the train. “Oh, that poor man, he was only trying to help me, but now he’s dead.” She thought to herself.

Tears began to run down Mao’s face, has she walked around in circles, wondering what to do. She then pulled out the gun and examined its exterior.

This was the first time she had ever held a gun in her life, but she was confident that she could use it properly. “Just point and shoot. That is all I have to do. Just point and shoot. The man said it was easy. Just point and shoot.”

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