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The Punk Years....Part One

In the beginning....

   When I was fourteen years old my sister Maryanne gave me a Misfits cassette for my birthday. “You will like this!” She said with excitement. And she was right because as soon as the first track concluded, I was a fan, but, I wasn’t ready to give my life to this music just yet. I liked it but I liked a number of other genres of music as well. My friends though were different. They were hooked. These maniacs that had pledged their allegiance to the metal gods had laid down their arms and replaced their angst with anarchy patches and mohawks. You couldn’t really blame them though because this was the late eighties when glam metal was ruling the charts, so when they came to that fork in the road of either slam pits or whatever crap MTV was churning out, three chords and a monkey beat just seemed the wiser choice.
Punk rock had seemed to blow up overnight in my home town. Bands were formed and backyard concerts were held on the regular. It was a great time, but, ju…

The Death of Andy Macgee

There once was a boy that stalked these marshlands......

He'd capture his prey
And had torturous demands....

He went by the name of  Andy Macgee....

And if you knew any better....

You'd listen to me....

Andy was a little obnoxious twit
He'd hunt our kind
With out giving a shit.....

One minute, you'd be sunning yourself on a rock
The next you'd be stuffed in his dirty sock....

Everyday, it was nonstop
With pot shots from slingshots
To dashing and dodging big splashing rocks....

His favorite pastime though, was shooting us into space
We had enough and made a plan that we'd have brighter days

He'd always climax when we exploded
So, we planned to high jack his life until he corroded

Bottle rockets and matches in his pockets
Andy was ready to play with his toys...

Deployed, to end this evil boy
We used my brother Frank as a decoy

Andy tied his victim to the missle
And aimed it at the sky...

Hoping body parts would land on any passer by

 Franks wife gave a whimper
And his kids began to cr…

Moving On

The roar of the crowd shook the bleachers.....
Underneath, he reached over to kiss her
As another football game took over another small town....
They swore that they would be together forever
A love sick teenage bender on a train
Traveling to no where bound....

Two years later, they became of legal age
But, he didn't make the grades
A soldier story became his reality
She knew in college some one else would date her
And he wouldn't wait for her

Another broken up couple winding up rat race casualties
A decade passed, without any questions asked
About the random avenues and on ramps

That had come and gone....
Odd jobs and daily tasks
Corporate jungles and business masks
Left them both with drawn....

She dug through her purse, working her way through a lunch crowd maze
Thinking about the lines on her face....

American dreams served with a side of fries and a paper hat
He was releived to find a parking space
Unemployed, and feeling like a disgrace
He found him self staring into he…

Saying Goodbye....

I’m sorry…
For never writing you before...
But, I've been getting my drink on
And blowing my paycheck on foreign whores
And I’m sorry…
For that day they escorted me out our door...
But like I told you, too many jaeger bombs
I'm shitting my pants and breaking shit, as if I was four

It’s been rough...

 But I’ve made it through this far

The day’s are getting tougher...
As the desert sun prepares me for future scars

And the only thing that keeps me alive
Is the memory of you waking at my side
But now, I just smoke too much hashish
With my half dead partners in the backseat
While saying my goodbyes....
Happy homes to broken dreams, derailed and dismay

Bullet holes and dying screams, are the wind in my sails
I've lost my mind, ruthless orders I'll obey
And I wouldn't have it any other way

Wise One of Japan Chapter Five

(Phone ringing)

Patrick answered. "Hello? Mao are you okay? What is going on?"
Patrick. I don’t know what to do. There are chasing me! Oh my God. Shit (crying) What should I do? I don’t know where I am. Please help me."
"Okay, you have to calm down and tell me where you are."
"That’s the point! I don’t know! As soon as the shooting started, I just ran as fast as I could. I didn’t see the name of the station. I just ran!"
" Whoa, slow down, Okay. Where are you now? What do you see around you?"
"Right now, I am in an alley way. I think I am behind a warehouse or something. Oh my God! I can hear them! Please tell me what to do!"
"Okay, you need to find a place to hide, and if possible, try to find something that you can use as a weapon."
"I have a gun."
"Where did you get a gun?"
"This poor man on the train gave it to me."
"Okay, whatever. What kind of gun is it?"
Mao- It’s a 9mm.
"Okay, that…

Angels and Demons

Okay, let's take a break from my campfire stories and talk about life.

 "What's the meaning?" is one of those age old questions that I have never been to fond of. It's too vague. I prefer, " What's the meaning of your life?" Why are you still here, and, what has kept you alive throughout all of these years?

Me, being a father and a teacher can sum up my existence with three words.
Protect, teach, and inspire.

Pretty simple, right?

But, to do this I have to follow the path that had been designed for me. And this path is filled with twists and turns, and especially alot of dead ends.

And this is where you will run into the two entities that share the title of this post.

If you are a generally good person the angels will get to you first. And of course if you have led a life of douchbaggery, well you know who you are going to end up going to the prom with.

I've crossed paths with strangers, when my life was not soo peachy. They just came up, dropp…


I sit in a dimly lit small room....

It's around noon, but dark outside because of the ongoing monsoon

This place looks like a great place to grow mushrooms

Or storage, for dust pans, mop buckets, and push brooms

Outside, the lightning strikes and the rolling thunder booms

I push aside the gloom and continue and let my daily chore resume

Neatly folded piles lay before me
All these storms are making my ceiling really moldy

I can't stop, my OCD as a tight hold on me
On my futon, different sizes, I lay with glory

Each one, for lifes surprises, tell their own story

Door hinges creak, I hear the sound of rumbling feet
My nervous system shrieks, so I start fumbling to get them out of reach

Without caring, little kids begin tumbling through the door
Clenched teeth swearing verses double dog daring

My towers are destroyed and scattered amongst the floor
Laughing enemies escape with another score

Wise One of Japan ( Chapter Four)

And as Patrick climbed the final steps to the baby sitters house, he gave out the orders of the day to his little one, "Ok Mally, I want you to behave your self today at Manami’s. I don’t want to hear about you smoking cigarettes or breaking into her liquor cabinet again. Do you understand me?OK, here we are, hold on a second baby girl. But, just as he was about to ring the front bell, the front door swung open.

Ohaiyo gouzaimasu! Patrick-san! Ohaiyo Mally-chan! Genki desuka? Manami said with her normal warm and bubbly self.

Ohaiyo gouzaimasu! Watashitachi wa genki desu.
Patrick replyed.

Oh, your Japanese is improving! Is Mao making you study more?

Yea, she is always on my case about it. I know I should study more, but to be honest with you, I am kind of lazy when it comes to studying.

I already know this Patrick san. Your wife tells me this every time we talk on the phone. I think she wants you to be Japanese. Anyway, how is little Mally-chan today? Oh, she is so cute.

She ha…