Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wise One of Japan (Chapter Three)

(Train Station intercom) Ladies and gentleman, please refrain from boarding the next oncoming train, because there will be a selection check for all arriving passengers. Please stay behind the yellow line until the selection check is completed. Thank you for your cooperation.

"Why are we stopping?" asked Mao.

"I don’t know. Are they checking ID’s today?" responded an old lady, that was sitting next to her on their commute.

"I heard they might be in Tokyo, but we are still two hours away.Why would they come all the way out here?" Mao said back in "I'm about to start panicking tone of voice."

The old lady turned to her and said, "Yea, that’s true. Their check points are only in the city. Maybe, there was an accident or something."

"Yea, maybe another salary man was having a bad day. Oh, okay, here we go. We are moving again. That scared me a little bit."

"Yea, me too. Ever since my friends daughter was taken away.I have been afraid to travel into the city."

"I know. My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday. I should have listened to him, but we really do need the money now."

"Do you have any children?" asked the old lady with a smile.

"Yes, we have a daughter."

"Oh really? Is a boy or a girl?

"A girl, her name is Mally."

"She sounds adorable. Oh, I have always wanted a little girl. But now, I am too old to have children. I guess I missed my chance. How old is she? Come on, tell me everything about her. (Pause) Oh no, we are slowing down again. I am going to be late for work if this keeps happening."

(Train Intercom)

Ladies and gentlemen, please be advised that we will be having a mandatory selection check at the next approaching station. Please have your ID’s ready for inspection. Thank you for your cooperation.

"Colonel Sandry, I appreciate that your men have arrived on a timely matter, and that you are assisting us in today’s selection check."

"Well, it’s not like we had much of a choice in the matter, Mr. Landor."

"Oh please, your human formalities are not needed with me. Please, just call me Landor."

 "Oh, I can think of a few other things I can call you as well." The aging colonel responded with a sneer on his face.

"No that is not needed. Just simply call me Landor."

"Yea, ok, whatever. So, Landor, what exactly do you want me and my men to do today?"

"That is an excellent question and the answer is this. You and your men will be assisting me in gathering specimens for our lab."

"And when you say specimens, you actually mean innocent people that meet your qualifications?"

"Yes, that is exactly what I mean Colonel Sandry, and I want you to remember that I am in charge of you and your men, so I would advise you to follow my orders, verbatim."

"Hey, like I said before, I have no choice in this matter."

"Excellent answer, Colonel Sandry. Now, we must get ready for our approaching train. It should be arriving in the next five minutes or so. But until then, please have your men keep these people behind the yellow line. I want this to go as smooth as possible. I will not tolerate any foul ups. Is that understood, Colonel Sandry?"

" Don’t worry about me and my men. We are seasoned professionals. There won’t be any problems. (Asshole)

  And as the train approached with bewildered passengers peering out of the windows, the Neaitans and the U.S. military went to work. Colonel Sandry had been ordered by his commander and chief to assist with the inspection points throughout the Japanese region, and like all of the other high ranking personal, he followed these orders with gritted teeth because he cared about his mens welfare.

 The Neaitans had threatened to destroy any military that stood in their way, and they had the means to do it, at least this is what our worldly leaders believed anyway, so this worlds military men were ordered to stand down and assist or be charged with treason and even possibly death. 

But Colonel Sandry had been a time bomb ever since this had begun. He was a diehard patriotic and had followed orders his entire life without question, but this was too much for him. Every time he had to listen to one of these bastards talk down to him, his right hand would slowly move closer to his 45 that was holstered to his side, especially when douchebags like this Landor character would sneer at him every time their eyes met. Colonel Sandry could imagine opening up the back of Landors head with a three round burst. But then, he thought about the men he was in charge of and their families, and so with this, he controlled his anger.

Landor could feel the hate from Colonel Sandry as well, but didn’t care in the least. He understood why he was disliked but his opinion of the human race was so low, it was like comparing a seasoned fishermen’s guilt for the umpteenth fish he had just sliced and diced. Landor had a job to do on this miserable little planet and the daggers that were shot at him on a daily basis would not slow him down.

 Not even an old war horse like Colonel Sandry and his itchy trigger finger would get in the way of repopulating this world with Landors alien race. And at this point, Mao was staring blankly at the back of the seat in front of her, wondering to herself, “How could I have been so stupid?”

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