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Billy the Thief

This is a story about a thief named Billy....
That gave grief to the TL peeps
by making every room chilly
He was a downer, that would steal the shoes off your feet, and then act willy nilly....
And this is why the towns people
planned for his death lilly....

He got his first taste, at the local liquor store,when he was eight, craving for entertainment....

Stealing, while his friends
cheered with amazement
And then enjoying the aftermath booty of fruity sugar snacks
Englazed from front to back, while their parents slept off their grave shift....

He liked to shop for clothes at the dime store
With his crack head street whore....

And when the staff were not looking
They'd stuff their pockets to the galore
Until stolen trinkets over flowed
And fell to the floor....
Security always considered watching them a chore
When she died, he swore that he wouldn't live this lifestyle anymore
But an old dogs learning curve is like paddling without any oars

He liked pressed shirts tucked inside his tight pants
Flexing his chicken chest with a limp wristed fight stance
Loving a drug addict romance, while covering up his arm tracks
One hand on a stolen gat, and the other on his stash

He considered himself a baller....
Standing tall, and hanging out of windows as a ghetto cat caller.
Running with the knuckle draggers, and street hustle braggarts. Getting by on lies and low standards....

Billy was found, face down, in an embankment....
Blood stains dried to brown on his Nike made face lift....
A make shift shank finished the engagement
"I'm sorry...Don't kill me!" was his last statement

 He was placed in his early grave...
Releasing him from his glass pipe enslavement
And now he haunts the Tenderloins alleyways
And cardboard covered pavements...
Wondering how he could have changed this fate
That was placed at his arraignment....

This is just another story of a lost soul debasement
Never rising, crawling with the roaches and baseheads
Another life wasted....
A walking corpse in search for a replacement
And now his memory is getting faded

On a street pole, duct taped and pasted…..


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Was her life in this little Cali town
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Protect, teach, and inspire.

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