Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beer Cans and Dog Hair

Our daily rituals involve picking up beer cans and dog hair....

Finishing off uneaten vegetables from sun bleached lawn chairs....

Bitching is so typical with retirement and un unused timeshares...

Decades of marriage habituals is like baking rice krispies squares...

It's fun in the start, but soon turns to boredom and tempers flared
But, no matter how bad it gets, I hope you know I always cared....

I can remember the day, when I heard you fart for the first time.

You were so embarrassed, and my bellowing laughter was probably out of line

But now, you have no problem with you ass saying hello and goodbye
And when I cover my nose and wipe the water from my eyes
I'm still amazed by the sound that's created from such a petite size
The years have passed us by, and things have begun to sag….
Our wrinkled faces now resemble crumbled grocery bags
Gravity has taken over, in all the important parts
Your boobs hang past your belly
While my balls droop out my shorts

But, if it was wrong getting married , I don't want to be right
I love our 12 ounces of knowledge, we consume every night

And if we were younger, and I was stronger....
I'd climb on top of ya, I swear

But, I'm not, so before you go to bed.....

Please clean up the beer cans and dog hair

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