Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Around third grade, I was paid an allowance....
But, my hard work and payment always seemed to be off balanced

My trade was to fill trashcans with dog turds....
And then drag them to the curb with out uttering a word....

Of under payment finance...
This deal was absurd.

When my folks weren't looking though....
I'd take the chance and throw dog dookie at the neighbors cats

Before my employers glanced back, to check on my plastic Glad sacks

And when I was really feeling my best, I'd beat my chest
And then catapult the rest over the fence

Where my cities dead were laid to rest

When my shitty job was over, the next one would begin
And with self pity, I'd shrug my shoulders and dump the remainder in the bin

While wiping sweat from my forhead and poodle and labrador off my chin...

And this was the beginning of my bad employee statis
But, for some reason I'd recieve gold stars anyway
Even though I was the baddest...

I'd still roll my eyes and call them cheapskates
And the saddest thing about this story, I'd say...
Would be that, you see this everyday
From Huet Packard to Circle K

Worthless bonuses and promotions being handed out
Like meaningless high fives and handshakes
You're are probably scratching your head now
About what my freaking point is....

Asking under your breath, and one raised eye brow
About where the ABC NINJA geeky joke is....

But, before I can say where I'm going with this
You people first have to wake up from your hypnosis

We all know overworked and under paid
Is the common trade these days....
And we have to pay our bills
To have it made in the shade
But, what if one day we swayed away from the norm
And GOD forbid, disobeyed...

And went against the grain for a change?
Creating something new, that could bring some extra bucks in

Do something we enjoy, that would feed our little munchins
Leave a footprint, and with our office shoes, we could chuck them

Throw away the Employee I.D., walk away and say fuck em

But the hustle will still continue...
Until we're all laid to rest

And recieve our own dog shit bombs
Hurled over a chain link fence

The world will keep turning
As the societies rinse and repeat this process...

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