Friday, July 7, 2017

Wise One of Japan (Chapter One)

Once upon a time, two friends fished the Arakawa river....

"Takashi! Takaaaaashi!"

" Whaaat!?" answered Takashi with an annoyed tone to his voice.

"Have you caught anything?" His American friend asked.

" No, nothing yet. This place sucks for fishing!"

"Tell me about it. I have been here three times and have never caught anything. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have even gotten a nibble."

"Thanks for telling me this now. Why did you bring me down here anyway? I could be still sleeping in my bed right now." Takashi responded.

"I needed the “dude” time. I spend too much time with my wife and daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and all, I just needed to get away for a while and do something “MANLY”

"Like drag me down to a fishless river, at the crack of dawn?"

"Yea, something like that. Plus, I wanted to talk to you about the takeover. I heard that Tokyo will be hit next."

"Yea, the world is a crazy place right now, but I wouldn’t worry about it. We live in the middle of nowhere. What would the aliens want with a little town like ours? I would be surprised if they could even find the place."

" You are probably right. I am just worried about Mao and Mally. I read in the paper the other day that the aliens use the women for some type of breeding experiment. I know that there is a slim chance that these motherfuckers would show up at my front door, but I think we should start thinking about it any way. Have you ever seen the size of these things? They are fucking huge!"

"Dude, I am only five two. Everyone is huge to me. But I know what you’re saying. We should be more prepared, but what could we actually do?We wouldn’t stand a chance, if we tried to fight them. All I am saying is that, we should appreciate that they only focus on the big cities. And on top of that, even if one of those things did pay me a visit, I don’t think they would even take me any way!"

"Why is that?" Patrick asked.

"Because, I am only five two! What good am I at one of their working camps? I am too small and weak. But you on the other hand should be worried. I heard that they love big American guys like yourself, especially the ones that like to drag their friends out of bed to fishless rivers. Oh, and they would really love Mao as well, with her ability to have such huge babies. By the way, how is your gigantic daughter anyway?"

"Very funny, dick head! And for that comment, I am not sharing my coffee with you, or my donuts."

"You brought donuts and coffee?"

"I sure did. And it’s all mine. Buwahahaha!"

"Oh come on, don’t be such a pussy! I was just kidding. You do spend too much time with your wife and kid! I thought you wanted “dude” time? "

"Oh I do and I also want to eat this extra donut. But, since I am such a good friend, unlike yourself, I will give it to you. Here friend."

Patrick went into his best pitcher pose, and bounced the donut off the head of his one and only buddy in Japan.

"You asshole! You didn’t have to throw it at me! shouted Takashi.

"You wasted a perfectly good donut! What’s wrong with you? I am just trying to spend my last precious hours as a free man, before my family and I are dragged off to one of those camps. Oh wait, hold on. I think I got a bite."

"Really?" Takashi asked while wiping off the chocolate from his forehead.

"Yea, I got this bastard! I told you this place was not that bad. Come on, you son of a bitch." Patrick said with a determined look in his eye.

"Oh, I see it. Pull it out of the water before it gets away!"

"Thanks for the tip Grand Master of Fishing." I am just trying to help, ass."

" Well, if you want to help me, grab my net."

"Okay, where is it?"

"It’s next to the peanut butter jar."

Right then, Takashi stopped and looked up at his friend with a question mark hanging over his head.

" Why did you bring peanut butter?" Takashi asked.

"I use it for bait. I used to buy bait at the store, but I would never catch anything." Patrick responded with his usual vague self.

"So, how and why did you start using peanut butter?" Takashi asked again.

"I was fishing in California a few years back, and I had packed a lunch, which happened to be a couple of peanut butter sandwiches. Well, like I said, I wasn’t having any luck with my bait, so on a whim, I used one of my sandwiches."

"Did you catch anything?"

"Sure did, I caught five decent sized trout that day. Oh, here we go. Wow, he’s kind of small. I think I will throw him back."

"Well, at least you caught something. I am still amazed with your bait though. I would have never thought of that."

"Well, it’s just called, “Thinking outside the box” my friend."

"I guess so. Anyways, how long are we going to stay here? I am getting kind of hungry. And since you threw my breakfast at me, I have nothing to eat here but peanut butter and your puny fish."

"Yea, you still have a little chocolate over your right eyebrow." Patrick said with half a grin, and then said,
"Let’s get out of here. I told Mao that I would be home before eleven. So long little fishy. Oh hold on, wait a minute. I should take a picture of my fish before I throw him back in the water. Mao is always giving me shit for coming down here and never catching anything. But, today I will have the last laugh. Okay fishy, say cheese. Okay, now you can swim to your freedom. Swim little fishy, swim!!"

"Are you finished?

"Yes, I am finished. Now we can go. I will buy you some MacDonald’s.

" Great! I am starving."

Patrick and Takashi packed up their fishing gear and headed out, while the little fish jumped out of the water celebrating its freedom. These two had been friends for a couple of years now, and by the looks of it, will probably remain friends for several more. Even though, these two had grown up in different cultures, they still understood each other, as if they were brothers.

After breakfast, the two had departed their separate ways. Patrick went back home to his wife and daughter and Takashi to his home he had still shared with his aging parents.

Patrick had lived in Japan for three years now, and as much as he had a hard time adapting to such a different culture than his own, he made do and never complained. Patience was a great strength he had within himself. He knew that as stressed out and home sick as he was, things would eventually improve.

Takashi on the other hand wasn’t ready to wait any longer for his life to improve. He was ready to leave Japan and his parents, and live in America again. But unfortunately, a lack of money hindered this desire to escape.

To be continued.....

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