Monday, September 11, 2017

Two Worlds

She wonders....

How two worlds collided to make herself?

But at least she's not alone, she has some one else
She watches, her brother build mountain tops
And then, knock them down again
She's worried, but at least she has a friend

They've wandered through an adult world of pretend
Jumping through wormholes that will never end
With two fractured souls that learned how to mend

Nothing can stop the wirl wind, just let it spin

They stand, together hand in hand
Another crowded station, and more demands
Their mothers wishes are over bearing
Their father insists that they are over caring

A couple that acts as if nothing's wrong
With two children wanting to belong
He wonders, why he doesn't look the same
Too much praise from the others fills him with shame

He watches, another one of his kind being shuffled through the crowd
Their eyes meet, and wish to speak, but these two worlds are too loud

He looks up to his sister, and realizes then...

That she's the only one that understands
Mother is tired, and looks stressed out
Father tries to inspire but filled with doubt
The children are pressured, they just want to play
"Hushed", she whispers in his ear...

" Don't worry, it gets better, live for another day."

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