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Slave To The King

The little guy took the victory....
By being buried alive in the stone lawn....

He'd rather die with his dignity....
Than being just another thing, for the king to cum on....

His heroic feet went down in history....
Fueling the rising rebellion to roll on

He gave the street people an epiphany....
Freedom was the theme to their war song

Before the ending of his life, he was forever on the black list
For not selling out his principles, spending the night on the rulers mattress

Taken from his kids and wife, and thrown into a room of blackness
A prisoner to agony and strife, turning old memories into sadness

Even though he was locked away, and hidden from his people
His named was held in high praise, and worshiped in the steeple

Spirits soared high like an eagle....
And a plan was put together to eliminate this evil

From a flicker to an inferno of violence
Fueled by the liquor of one hundred percent defiance

Scribbling a "dis" on the sticker of Andre the Giant
Taking back their arts, literature, and science...

They knocked down the door, and stormed the palace grounds
First killing all the guardsmen that terrorized their home town

The cries of the dying poured through the second line of defense
Over flowing into the kings lair, turning the royalty into past tense

A bloody mess, was the aftermath, that was left tied to the fence

The body of their savior was brought home in the name of revenge…..


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