Friday, June 23, 2017

Moving On

The roar of the crowd shook the bleachers.....
Underneath, he reached over to kiss her
As another football game took over another small town....
They swore that they would be together forever
A love sick teenage bender on a train
Traveling to no where bound....

Two years later, they became of legal age
But, he didn't make the grades
A soldier story became his reality
She knew in college some one else would date her
And he wouldn't wait for her

Another broken up couple winding up rat race casualties
A decade passed, without any questions asked
About the random avenues and on ramps

That had come and gone....
Odd jobs and daily tasks
Corporate jungles and business masks
Left them both with drawn....

She dug through her purse, working her way through a lunch crowd maze
Thinking about the lines on her face....

American dreams served with a side of fries and a paper hat
He was releived to find a parking space
Unemployed, and feeling like a disgrace
He found him self staring into her eyes
Finally smiling again, together they sat...

Relaxed and had a few laughs...
And at the same time realizing what ever the had
Should remain in the past....

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