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There was a tug at his jacket....

He didn’t notice it at first because his mind was elsewhere. From the mundane things of his work and family, to the odd behavior a young boy had displayed with him the night before, he wouldn’t be coming back down to earth anytime soon. His mind drifted to his daughters piano class, where he was sitting on a small couch, waiting, as she plucked away at the keys in the room next over. And as he sat there, in boredom, the muffled sounds of the piano was interrupted by the creak of the front door, and shuffled footsteps.

Who ever it was, it seemed to have been annoyed because as it made its way down the hallway, it bickered in a low raspy whisper.

“ Why don’t you just quit? You hate to practice. You’re just wasting your time...and money.”

But, as soon as the bickering entered the waiting room, it came to a halt. It was an old lady, and as soon as she realized that she wasn’t alone, she went silent and gained her composure. The father didn’t think much of it …

Wise One of Japan ( Chapter Two)

Mr. Andrews returns home to hisfamily...
I’m hoooooooome!"
 "SSSsshh! She just fell asleep and you woke her up again!" Mao said with annoyance.

"Oh, sorry. Do you want me to hold her?" Patrick answered back with his usual care free nature.

  "Please, she has been crying for the past hour now. I love you Mally but sometimes you drive me crazy."

 "It’s because she misses her daddy. Give her to me; I will put her to sleep. Why do I hear a duck quaking in the bathroom?"
Patrick asked.

  "Oh that’s her new toy. It’s been driving me crazy for the last couple of hours. Here Mally, go to daddy. I sometimes think she just loves my booby, and when it goes dry, she has no use for me. Mally, don’t you love your mommy?"

"See, she won’t even look at me. I’m so sad. Mally, mommy needs attention."   "Do you want to know the secret with getting kids attention? You have to ignore them, and they will eventually come over to see what you are …

Slave To The King

The little guy took the victory....
By being buried alive in the stone lawn....

He'd rather die with his dignity....
Than being just another thing, for the king to cum on....

His heroic feet went down in history....
Fueling the rising rebellion to roll on

He gave the street people an epiphany....
Freedom was the theme to their war song

Before the ending of his life, he was forever on the black list
For not selling out his principles, spending the night on the rulers mattress

Taken from his kids and wife, and thrown into a room of blackness
A prisoner to agony and strife, turning old memories into sadness

Even though he was locked away, and hidden from his people
His named was held in high praise, and worshiped in the steeple

Spirits soared high like an eagle....
And a plan was put together to eliminate this evil

From a flicker to an inferno of violence
Fueled by the liquor of one hundred percent defiance

Scribbling a "dis" on the sticker of Andre the Giant
Taking back their arts, literatur…


Around third grade, I was paid an allowance....
But, my hard work and payment always seemed to be off balanced

My trade was to fill trashcans with dog turds....
And then drag them to the curb with out uttering a word....

Of under payment finance...
This deal was absurd.

When my folks weren't looking though....
I'd take the chance and throw dog dookie at the neighbors cats

Before my employers glanced back, to check on my plastic Glad sacks

And when I was really feeling my best, I'd beat my chest
And then catapult the rest over the fence

Where my cities dead were laid to rest

When my shitty job was over, the next one would begin
And with self pity, I'd shrug my shoulders and dump the remainder in the bin

While wiping sweat from my forhead and poodle and labrador off my chin...

And this was the beginning of my bad employee statis
But, for some reason I'd recieve gold stars anyway
Even though I was the baddest...

I'd still roll my eyes and call them cheapskates
And the saddest t…

Choose to Live

Four in the morning..
Laying wide awake...
Thinking about impending doom...
He had a wife and a couple babies
That drove him kind of crazy
That cuddled next to him in this tiny room
Something was gnawing at his side
He felt the rising tides
Being controlled by the autumn moon

But, he just closed his eyes and rolled to his side
And thought about a happier tune....

Have you ever felt....?

Trouble lurking amongst the shadows
Was it the cards that you were dealt...?
That makes you feel that you are at the gallows
Can you control your dreams....?
And are on high alert when you're awake
Can you see more...?
And escape, before the dam breaks
Do you choose to live?

She just turned forty three, as she looked at her degrees
And wondered, " What the hell am I going to do now?"
A business women, that now takes care of her kids and an old house
She always kind of wondered that getting married was a blunder
As she cleaned the coffee stain from her old blouse
But the love for her family, kept her head held h…

Wise One of Japan (Introduction)

In a small Japanese village, a group of men rushed to an isolated hut. But as they arrived at the front door, the group stopped suddenly, and looked at each other with excitement, because tonight was the annual Freedom Festival and on the other side of this door, a special guest awaited. This was the fifth Freedom Festival, and every year the same guest made an appearance and told the story of remembrance. The lead man stepped up and banged frantically, as the rest of the group stood back to wait for the door to open.

"Who is it?"
"Story teller, it’s the village council. We have come to escort you to the stage." Trevor shouted through the door.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Story teller responded. "We do this every year! I know where the stage is! I am not even supposed to go on for another hour, and the stage is only a ten minute walk from here! Come back in 45 minutes! I am painting right now!

Storyteller then got up, and let the men in.