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There was a tug at his jacket....

He didn’t notice it at first because his mind was elsewhere. From the mundane things of his work and family, to the odd behavior a young boy had displayed with him the night before, he wouldn’t be coming back down to earth anytime soon. His mind drifted to his daughters piano class, where he was sitting on a small couch, waiting, as she plucked away at the keys in the room next over. And as he sat there, in boredom, the muffled sounds of the piano was interrupted by the creak of the front door, and shuffled footsteps.

Who ever it was, it seemed to have been annoyed because as it made its way down the hallway, it bickered in a low raspy whisper.

“ Why don’t you just quit? You hate to practice. You’re just wasting your time...and money.”

But, as soon as the bickering entered the waiting room, it came to a halt. It was an old lady, and as soon as she realized that she wasn’t alone, she went silent and gained her composure. The father didn’t think much of it until a small boy poked his head out from behind this women, waved, and then disappeared back behind the girth of his grandmothers backside. And for the next fifteen minutes or so, a game of peek a boo had commenced between the man and the strange little boy, until the piano teacher gave his daughter a high five, and sent the two packing, making room for her next student.

This was a typical night for this man. Rushing home from work, grabbing whatever kid for whatever lesson, and then chauffeuring them off to class, and then of course, more waiting, made him question if this was what being adult was all about. And other than the old lady with brat in tow, he knew his night would pretty much end the same as well.

Stop by the store for milk...and then head home to his wives burnt offerings and endless questions, and sure enough, that’s what happened....
“Where were you guys? What took you so long? I was worried. Why didn’t you call me? I seen an ambulance heading towards the piano teachers house. I thought something happened.”

And as soon as she calmed down, they would eat their dinner, and then wait for another day to arrive.

He felt the tugging again, and finally looked down. There was a small girl, four, maybe five, looking back up at him, smiling, while taking cover behind her grandfathers overcoat. The older gentleman didn’t seem to notice what was going on, and simply stared off into the distance with the other commuters on the train, perhaps, thinking of better times.

And when their stop had arrived, she gave the man one more little tug and waved good buy while mouthing, “ See you later.” while disappearing into the crowd.

“Hmmm? That was weird.” he thought to himself, and then glanced out the window as the train was pulling away, to witness the older gentleman grasping at his chest and sinking towards the earth, alone.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wise One of Japan ( Chapter Two)

Mr. Andrews returns home to his family...         

I’m hoooooooome!"

 "SSSsshh! She just fell asleep and you woke her up again!" Mao said with annoyance.

"Oh, sorry. Do you want me to hold her?" Patrick answered back with his usual care free nature.

  "Please, she has been crying for the past hour now. I love you Mally but sometimes you drive me crazy."

 "It’s because she misses her daddy. Give her to me; I will put her to sleep. Why do I hear a duck quaking in the bathroom?"
Patrick asked.

  "Oh that’s her new toy. It’s been driving me crazy for the last couple of hours. Here Mally, go to daddy. I sometimes think she just loves my booby, and when it goes dry, she has no use for me. Mally, don’t you love your mommy?"

"See, she won’t even look at me. I’m so sad. Mally, mommy needs attention." 
 "Do you want to know the secret with getting kids attention? You have to ignore them, and they will eventually come over to see what you are doing." Patrick said while bouncing their baby on his knee.
"I could never ignore Mally. My baby is soooo cute. Ugh oh, I smell something. I think I can ignore her now."

"Why is that?" Patrick asked.

"I think she pooed her pants. You better change her. I am going to go check my email. And after you’re done changing her, can you silence that duck? It’s really starting to annoy me." 

"No problem, I shall terminate Mr. Ducky. I guess it’s just you and me Mally. Your momma doesn’t want to take care of you anymore. But don’t worry, I will clean you up."

"Don’t say that! You make it sound like I don’t like her. I love my Mally, and I take care of her every night, while you are snoring in bed." 
 "That’s right you do, and you do a fine job at it, but I have a small request. Can you keep the singing down at 3 in the morning? It disturbs my beauty sleep, and top of that, my sex dream with Halle Berry. I can’t get my groove on with Halle, when in the background your singing itsy bitsy spider! It breaks my concentration."

"No, I will sing as loud as Mally wants. She likes it. And I am glad I am ruining your relationship with Halle Berry. You shouldn’t be dreaming about her anyway! You should be dreaming about me! Ugh, Mally, your father is so selfish. He doesn’t love me anymore. But, you love me and my singing don’t you? Oh, how was your fishing trip? Did you come back empty handed as usual?" Mao asked.

"No, I actually caught a fish this time!"

 "OK, whatever. Mally your father is not only selfish but he is a liar as well."  No, I did! I swear! I even took a picture of it because I knew you wouldn’t believe me. Here take a look.

 Congratulations! Oh, Mally, your father finally caught a fish! A teeny weenie little fish. And do you know what? He can give his little fish to Halle Berry, because I don’t want it anymore. What did you do with your little fish anyhow? Did you eat it or give it to Takashi?"  "
I know. You haven’t wanted it for some time now. It’s like we have turned into an eighty year old couple ever since Mally was born? Anyway, I did neither. I threw it back and went to MacDonald’s instead. How do you turn this thing off?"

"You already ate? I had made you lunch. I wish you would have told me that you were going to get Macdonald’s. Oh, and to answer your question, it’s only supposed to turn on when it gets wet, and turn off after you dry it off."  
"It looks dry to me. I don’t understand this thing. Shut up you stupid duck! Oh, and don’t worry, I can still eat. What did you make?"

"Something healthy with a lot of vegetables!” Mao responded back in a singing voice.

 "Don’t break Mallys toy! Stop hitting it! That stupid thing was expensive!"

 "Oh really? Well, I don’t care how much it cost, because this evil little thing is driving me crazy! Oh, I give up. Alright duck, you won this battle but for the time being your new home will be inside this cupboard, all the way in the back. On second thought I think I will pass on lunch, I lost my appetite." Patrick said.

"No, we will both eat lunch together. You need to eat more vegetables! You’re getting fat again!"

 "Sorry, mommy."

"I am not your mommy! I’m Mally’s mommy. Now, go wash your hands and get ready to eat."

 "Jesus, I knew I should have stayed longer at the river." Patrick mumbled.

 "What was that?"

 "Nothing mommy."

"Stop calling me that and hurry up! And while you’re at it, throw some towels on top of that stupid duck because I can still hear it!"

"How about I just introduce it to this hammer?" Patrick asked.

"Don’t waste your time because I had already tried." Mao responded back.

   This was a typical conversation between this couple. They would tease each other every day, and never get tired of it. Their friends would sometimes get confused when they came over and visited this household, by wondering if these two were serious or just a little crazy, but as much sarcasm that had flowed through this tiny apartment in Japan, Patrick and Mao loved each other very much. And when little Mally came aboard, their bond had deepened even more.

  After Patrick cleaned himself up, he sat down with Mao, whom was already eating lunch. They ate and played with Mally, and talked about their daily schedule. After lunch, the three went for their daily walk through out their neighborhood. This was their life, and as the hard times came and went, these two carried on with their heads held high. They were not rich nor were they poor. They both had a good head on each others shoulders, but still were a little lost when it came to life’s choices.

  They were both well liked and intelligent people, but unfortunately had no idea in why they were put down on this earth. These two were traveling together down the highway of life, searching for a purpose.

"Jesus, I think Mally is getting heavier every day." Patrick said.

"I think you are just getting weaker every day." Mao snapped with a smirk on her face.

"That’s probably true, since you have a habit of giving me the smaller piece of the yakimo. Give me some more sweet potato women!!"

"Forget about it, it’s all mine! Ha ha ha..."

"Mally, your mama is evil!!"

"Uugh, I don’t want to work tomorrow. Have you spoken to Manami yet, to see if she can baby sit?" Mao asked.
"Yea, she told me that you can drop her off around 730.

"I have to go to Yokohama tomorrow, so I will have to take the first train."

"What time do you have be at work?"

"Nine o’clock." Mao said.

" I wish your work would keep you away from the city. You know, for what’s going on and all. I heard that Tokyo was expected to be hit next. You should stay closer to home." Patrick said.

"I know, but its good money and unfortunately my company decides where I have to go. Uugh, I wish you hadn’t told me that. Now I am worried. Well, at least I don’t have to go into Tokyo."

"Yea, well Yokohama is right next door. I am sure we would know by now, if an invasion was going to hit Japan tomorrow morning, but on the safe side, I think you should call in sick or something." 

"I wish I could. Believe me, I would rather stay here with you and Mally than sit on the train for three hours, and risk the chance of being captured by aliens, but we really need the money right now. You know there are no jobs around here, and we can’t survive off your job alone. (Pause) Hmm, I never would have expected to have ever said that."

"What, about not being able to find work around here?" Patrick asked.

"No! About being captured by aliens! Oh Mally, your father never listens to me."

"I was listening. I was just wondering how crazy times are now. I guess I am a little overwhelmed, that’s all."  Well yea, I think everybody is a little overwhelmed right now! But anyway, let’s talk about something different. This conversation is depressing. Have you studied your Japanese today?

"Uugh, I was planning to, as soon as we got home."  Oh Mally, your father is lazy too, and that’s the reason why we are poooor.

"Very funny."

   But as expected, an invasion was being prepared for the following day, but not only Tokyo, but the surrounding areas as well. The plan was to seal off the freeways and railways, to eliminate any possibility of any escape, and then round up the inhabitants for selection.
 This craziness had begun about a year prior too little Mally’s birth. The Neaitans made their first appearance in America, by taking over virtually everything from the U.S. government to everything that is all media, and eventually, began to spread across the globe to all of the major cities. There was never any mother ship breaking the skyline, for a grand display of power from the heavens above, nor were there any green men with laser guns zapping the locals. They just suddenly appeared one day with the so called powers that be that control the White house, and told the public that they were now in charge.

At first, the general public had a difficult time comprehending who these individuals actually were. They looked human, plus they were able to communicate openly over the airwaves in any language necessary. The only difference between the common man and your average Neaitan was that your average Neaitan excelled physically and mentally. They were extremely intelligent and had the physic of a professional athlete. And oddly enough, they all seemed to be on an equal level of intelligence, strength, and personality. Like for example, if there was some Neaitan cookie cutter in the midst of our galaxy somewhere, pushing one out after another.
    It took a while for the public to realize that the Neaitans were different. Your average Joe with his below average attention span just thought they were European because, they weren’t exactly white nor were they any other race you could pin down. It’s like they were thrown into a blender, and came out light years above today’s mankind, but they weren’t perfect. With this superiority over mankind, there came a price. They were extremely boring.

 Let me put it to you this way, watching paint dry was more entertaining than having a conversation with a Neaitan. Even when, your average conversation with one of these individuals, was when they were throwing you in the back of one of their cattle cars, that was being shipped off to one of their so called, work camps, their monotone voices alone would take the fight out of you. The Neaitans were extremely disciplined to following protocol as well. Everything had to be planned, and to stray off course was unheard of.
    They actually had a book that they would follow verbatim. Apparently, this book had the answer to every possibility you could think of, when regarding the human race, and this is how they took over the planet. They already knew everything that our so called leaders would do to avoid an attack. And of course, our elected officials had played right into their hands.

But before any of this insanity had actually started, conspiracy theorists had warned the general public that our governments were already making deals with aliens for state of the art technology, but unfortunately these warnings had fell upon deaf ears. The general public had no time to waste by listening to crack pots with aluminum hats, when they were too busy voting for the next pop king or queen to rule the music charts for the next month.

But the funny thing was that these crack pots were right on the money.

  Our governments had been making deals with aliens. And it wasn’t for the benefit of mankind either, even though, that is what they would preach from their podiums in various languages across the globe. The reason was simply greed. And this is what the Neaitans used to close the sale.
   The Neaitans original offer was to share alien technology with our militaries, for the exchange of human wombs. This alien civilizations female population and been infected by some unknown worldly virus, in which had slowed the Neaitan birth to almost a full stop. And so, the Neaitans had mastered the art of artificial reproduction, but unfortunately still needed a womb for their race to survive.

But the Neaitans didn’t hold up to their side of the bargain entirely. 

 The original deal was for two hundred female humans a year, but the success with the breeding was so great, they had decided that they would take as many as they wanted, and that is exactly what they did.

   Our leaders obviously objected at first, but when they found out that their death was the alternative, their attitudes quickly changed. They would joke with each other at one of their hidden retreat elitist parties by saying, “Hey, what are a few extra nobodies thrown into the pot, when it keeps me rich, and most importantly alive.” And from this attitude to Joe Six Pack’s apathetic nature, the rest of us were screwed sideways with a monotone whisper in our ear telling us, 

“Don’t worry baby, everything is going to be alright”.

Slave To The King

The little guy took the victory....
By being buried alive in the stone lawn....

He'd rather die with his dignity....
Than being just another thing, for the king to cum on....

His heroic feet went down in history....
Fueling the rising rebellion to roll on

He gave the street people an epiphany....
Freedom was the theme to their war song

Before the ending of his life, he was forever on the black list
For not selling out his principles, spending the night on the rulers mattress

Taken from his kids and wife, and thrown into a room of blackness
A prisoner to agony and strife, turning old memories into sadness

Even though he was locked away, and hidden from his people
His named was held in high praise, and worshiped in the steeple

Spirits soared high like an eagle....
And a plan was put together to eliminate this evil

From a flicker to an inferno of violence
Fueled by the liquor of one hundred percent defiance

Scribbling a "dis" on the sticker of Andre the Giant
Taking back their arts, literature, and science...

They knocked down the door, and stormed the palace grounds
First killing all the guardsmen that terrorized their home town

The cries of the dying poured through the second line of defense
Over flowing into the kings lair, turning the royalty into past tense

A bloody mess, was the aftermath, that was left tied to the fence

The body of their savior was brought home in the name of revenge…..

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Choose to Live

Four in the morning..
Laying wide awake...
Thinking about impending doom...
He had a wife and a couple babies
That drove him kind of crazy
That cuddled next to him in this tiny room
Something was gnawing at his side
He felt the rising tides
Being controlled by the autumn moon

But, he just closed his eyes and rolled to his side
And thought about a happier tune....

Have you ever felt....?

Trouble lurking amongst the shadows
Was it the cards that you were dealt...?
That makes you feel that you are at the gallows
Can you control your dreams....?
And are on high alert when you're awake
Can you see more...?
And escape, before the dam breaks
Do you choose to live?

She just turned forty three, as she looked at her degrees
And wondered, " What the hell am I going to do now?"
A business women, that now takes care of her kids and an old house
She always kind of wondered that getting married was a blunder
As she cleaned the coffee stain from her old blouse
But the love for her family, kept her head held high
Tried to stay positive and watched her mouth

Have you ever felt....?

Trouble lurking amongst the shadows
Was it the cards that you were dealt...?
That makes you feel that you are at the gallows
Can you control your dreams....?
And are on high alert when you're awake
Can you see more...?
And escape, before the dam breaks
Do you choose to live?

Wise One of Japan (Introduction)

In a small Japanese village, a group of men rushed to an isolated hut. But as they arrived at the front door, the group stopped suddenly, and looked at each other with excitement, because tonight was the annual Freedom Festival and on the other side of this door, a special guest awaited. This was the fifth Freedom Festival, and every year the same guest made an appearance and told the story of remembrance. The lead man stepped up and banged frantically, as the rest of the group stood back to wait for the door to open.

"Who is it?"
"Story teller, it’s the village council. We have come to escort you to the stage." Trevor shouted through the door.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Story teller responded. "We do this every year! I know where the stage is! I am not even supposed to go on for another hour, and the stage is only a ten minute walk from here! Come back in 45 minutes! I am painting right now!

Storyteller then got up, and let the men in.

" I am sorry to disturb you so early Story teller, but we have to follow protocol. Oh my, is this another painting of your home? It’s beautiful."

"Thank you for the compliment. (Pause) I used to follow protocol and look at what it got me. This stump I have for a leg now, has taught me to slow down and enjoy life more, literally. So, you can stick your protocol where the sun doesn’t shine! Storyteller responded.

"You know if I don’t come back with you, the wise one will have my head, literally. So please, don’t make such a fuss."

"Who is that woman in the painting? She is beautiful." Trevor asked.

"Thank you again. She was somebody I knew a long time ago, before I was stranded in this God forsaken place."

" Was she your wife?"

"Yes, but we lost touch after I was transferred here. I miss this part of my life dearly, but I know I can never go back to it. I think this is the reason why I took up painting, to remember. Anyway, I better get cleaned up so we can go. I don’t want to get you into trouble."

"Thank you, I appreciate that. The wise one has been in a foul mood today. So, I don’t want to get on her bad side. The last time I managed to anger her, she lectured me for three hours and then made me walk that stupid dog of hers."

"What did you do to make her so angry?" Storyteller asked.

"I made a comment about why we had to make a dinner setting for that flea bag of hers to one of the council members, and it somehow got back to her.

"For someone so wise, she is very peculiar about that dog."

"Yes, I have wondered that myself, and I had found out why in that three hour lecture. She told me that this dog was given to her by her father, so in her eyes; this makes the dog apart of her family. And you of all people know how she loves to keep the past alive."

"That I do, but I live in the past myself, so I would be a hypocrite to fault her for it. That is interesting about her dog though. You would think that I of all people would know the history on that mutt. But anyway, we should get going, if you don’t want to take that miserable creature for a walk again."

"Good idea. My men will help you as usual. We had prepared you tea and a little something to eat before your performance."

"Fantastic! I am famished. Could you please prepare some extra tea for the stage? I always get a bit thirsty about half through the story."

"We have plenty of tea for you. Don’t you worry. I do have to admit, I am looking forward towards your story. I know I was there and I have heard this story a million times, but the way you sell it to the audience is amazing. You are a very talented speaker."

"Stop it, please. All of this praising is making me blush.
But I am happy that you enjoy my story. Thank you, again. Now, enough talking, we should go."

"You are right, we should go. There will be plenty of time to talk after the show. Alright everybody, let’s head on back before we are any later than we are now."

The group of men and the Story teller made their way to the middle of the village, where the night’s festivities would be held. Groups of villagers greeted the Story teller as he made his way towards the stage. The group entered a small tent, where tea and sandwiches awaited the night’s entertainment.
The Story teller sat and waited, while inhaling half a sandwich in one bite. Suddenly, a small dog ran through the tents opening and began to yap at everything it saw, for example, the chair, the table, and then towards the Story teller. The Story teller rolled his eyes and finished his sandwich. Right then, a young girl entered the tent.

"Wise one! It is a pleasure to see you! How is everything?"

"Hello, Story teller. I am sorry but I am not in a very good mood today, so I don’t feel like talking." Wiseone responded in her best little girl pouty voice.

"What’s wrong little one?" Storyteller asked.

"I miss my dad. And today out of all days makes me miss him more. I wish I could see him again. Do you think things will change and he will be able to come home?"

"That I do not know, but one thing I do know is that your father is a great man, and a lot of people respect him. And he had laid his knowledge upon you, in which, makes you the wise one. That is why we are celebrating today, but I don’t need to tell you things you already know.
Ouch! Get off me you filthy beast!"

"Don’t hurt my dog! He is the only family I have got!"

"Now that is where you are wrong. We are your family. We all think of you as our own daughter. Everyone loves you here."

"Then why do the other children treat me like a freak? I just want to be a normal girl, with normal parents. But, my mother was taken away, and my father has led this crazy crusade to save the world! And I am stuck here by myself, expected to follow in his footsteps. And on top of that, I have been given a nick name that I don’t even like!"

"That name was given to you by your father. And this name that you are appalled of has kept you alive."

"I know but…"

"Don’t worry about the other children because they are too young to understand your importance. And I am sorry about your parents not being here, but fate has chosen that, so there is nothing we can do but hope for something to change. But just remember the sacrifice your father paid for all of us. You should be very proud of him."

Wiseone began to warm up a little and responded, " I know, I am proud of him. I just miss him, and my mother, that’s all. By the way, I was wondering. When you had spent time with my father, did he ever tell you why he called me wise one?"

"As a matter of fact he did. Apparently, when you were a baby, your eyes were abnormally large. He told me that you resembled an owl. So, he nick named you wise one."

"Really? I thought the reason why everyone called me this was because I was smart."

"Oh, you are smart but that’s not the only reason why you were given your name. You just looked like an owl. Are you upset?"

"No I am okay. I am just a little surprised, that’s all. I learn a little bit about my past every day. One day, I think I am admired because of my intelligence and then the next day I find out I look like a bird."

"Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everything has a way of working out in the end. Your father had taught me that. But, I must get ready now. I think I only have a few minutes before show time. Oh, before I leave you, I was told you have been giving the local council a hard time. Is this true?"

"If you are talking about my dogs’ right to eat at the dinner table, yes it’s true. Where ever I go, my dog goes. Why, is there a problem?" Wiseone responded in her now snotty voice.

"No, I just thought it was an amusing story. You really do take after your fathers’ side with your stubbornness. Anyway, I must get going. Will you watch the performance?"

"Of course I will. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Oh, and Story teller, thanks for talking with me. I feel better now."

"It was my honor little one. We will talk again after the show.
See you later."

"See you later, and good luck!"

The villagers gathered around the stage and waited for the performance to begin. A small murmur of talking had traveled back and forth throughout the crowd, as the audience spoke amongst themselves.
 Suddenly, Trevor made his way on to the stage, and the audience went silent with anticipation. Trevor gave a short speech and introduced the Story teller. The audience stood and applauded as the Story teller was helped on to the stage. The Story teller sat down in the middle of the stage and waved to the cheering crowd. And the story began.

To be continued......

I Was A Teenage Wanna Be Racist

   Just the other day, the conversation of fascism came up around the water cooler at work. My co-worker was ranting and raving about his ...