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Mister All Talk verses Mister No Fight

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What's Up with Your Pants?

My Soul Burns White

Stay Away from the Hooch

Breaking Bread with Enemies

The biscuits had finally cooled down
But, the stew was still too hot to eat
So, he decided to risk it and drown
The bread in the roux and let his tongue
Decide victory or defeat…..
He smiled, as the burning traveled down his throat
His host was in yearning, and she deserved the gloat
She sighed in relief, and laid her house rule…
As if it was a joke…
If you want to look cool, take your ass outside a smoke
But, the dinner guests sat patiently
Even though their nicotine was calling
They wanted to know about this man
Hastily, they judged him obscene and appalling
He was twenty years their junior
To this grey and wrinkled crew
His chiseled care free appearance
Could have him confused for a wise twenty two
He took a sip from his beer
And sat it slowly on the table
Should he scare them with his stories and fables?
This mans’ life was everything they considered to fear
Accepting him…would they be able?
So, he cleared his voice and said…
“You may be wondering why that I’m here.”
“Why did I walk away for decades and…

Human Stew

Oh me oh my, I see lights in the sky
Is it for my demise or to enlighten my third eye?
Should I dare to stand and stare or should I be scared?
Who and where should I share this or should I stay solitaire?
Did they come from outer space or underground facilities?
The latter’s a possibility from my governments’ abilities 

This is no joke and I’m not a comedian
You must choose a side and step off the median 

Alien nations planning our obliteration
Killing rebellion forces that try to face them
Sniping off Greys and blowing up Reptilians
I get a fulfilling feeling when I’m out killing them
Healing our extinction and taking back our freedom
Never bow down to please them and feed them 

There is no reason why we can’t freeze them
This is war motherfucker!
I declare open season

I’m my brothers’ keeper with a street sweeper

Inspiring you to be meaner
When you’re firing your heat seeker.
Load up the six shooter and take the shottie off the shelf
The gun store’s full of looters, taking all the wealt…

Indiana Jones meets The Uzi!

When I was a youngster....
Exploring ancient structures
Life in general was pretty freaking awesome!

Finding hiding places in dumpsters
Being hunted by jungle monsters
When I was caught, I would play possum in their cardboard dungeons

But then one day, when I was at my friends house drinking cool aid...
He asked me if I wanted to see something really cool....

First, he made sure that his dad was away, and when he was sure everything was okay....
He took me down the hallway, to his fathers room.....

He pulled out a box from under the bed
"It's locked, but don't worry." is what my friend said
"I know where he keeps the key."
He dug through his dads socks, but then bumped his head
I laughed, and kicked my stupid friend in the knee.
But then, out of no where, the magic key appearded
And the secret container was finally opened...
My jaw dropped as I was standing there
While my butt sucked up my underwear
I was staring at my first uzi sub machine gun
My friend nu…