Sunday, January 14, 2018

Life Is Better Now

Now, let's go back in time....

To a different place....
With the smiling faces of a make believe happy family...

Callously, following handed down trajedies of past mistakes....

Sadly, singing songs around the dinner table...

Every night, exchanging verses and rhymes stolen from biblical fables....

I was able to thrive, and stay alive
But, sometimes there would a fight...

And things would get out of line
When father got angry...

And strangely, over our cries
Mother would keep on singing
While limping, carrying broken dishes to the kitchen
And no matter how hard we tried
Fathers belt would just keep on hitting

Looking back, it's hard not to laugh
Of that stupid expression on his face....
And I feel praised for my God given grace

Because one day father found out that I could defend myself
When I put his drunken head up on a shelf
For the fear of bodies being found
And since mother had died years before
It was time not to be around
So, I made my way out the door

You controlled my life and there was nothing I could do.....
You raised me to believe, the sun rose and set with you

He could still smell the tobacco from the parole hearing. The panel that had denied him his freedom for the third time were heavy smokers, and when they read him his judgment, their yellow teeth seemed alien like as they smiled at his demise. And as much as he hated the smell of cigarettes, at least it was something different for the life he was living now. His cell was dark, cold, and had the aroma of mold.

 He inhaled in the residue of Pall Mals with sensual pleasure. It was the only thing he had that reminded him of the outside world, he had left behind ten years prior. It reminded him of the day they caught him, as he sat on that beach while the cold wind stung his face. It reminded him of what he had done, and would happily do again.

They were dead, and his life was better now.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wise One of Japan ( Chapter Ten)

 And as life continued at Camp Dashito….

The world outside of Obake Mori was becoming more chaotic than ever. Patrick’s ambush against the Neaitans was almost a year old and the story had already reached outside of Japan.

The Neaitans still had control over the major cities, but anywhere outside of a metropolis area had become a riot zone. Bombs exploded, and homemade projectiles were fired at this unwanted authority that had taken over planet earth. And on both sides of the enemies’ line, dead bodies began overtake the living ones. A war was unfolding and the only thing the Neaitans could think of in resolving this matter was to find the source of all of this trouble making.

  But as they attempted time and time again in locating Patrick Andrews, they had always turned up empty handed. It’s like he and his band of rebellions had become actual ghosts in there lair of Obake Mori. The Neaitans could not understand how in the world that their state of the art alien technology was unable to find their enemy, but nevertheless, as they flew over time and time again across the fifty miles of heavy forest Patrick hid his army, they would always come up with zilch.

Patrick was amazed of the luck they were having in there hidden location as well, but still it had been at least a year now, and every day he would watch the Neaitan Starships fly back and forth over Camp Dashito and never spot it.

“Hmm, strange.” Patrick would think to himself.

But Landors’ luck hadn’t been as good throughout the past year of bloodshed and wasted time. If he wasn’t cleaning up another ambush from his mysterious friend, he was running into one dead end after another looking for the man that calls himself Patrick Andrews.

But today was the day Landor had been dreading. He knew that his superior officers were eventually going to run out of patience, and call him in to report to them what the hell was going on.

Neaitan Commander- Commander Landor, do you know why you have been called to this hearing?

Landor- Yes sir. I have been unable to bring this rebellion to an end sir.

Neaitan Commander- Yes that is correct Commander Landor, now please tell this panel why you have been inept in your duties?

Landor- Sir, to tell you the truth, (Pause) I don’t know sir.

Neaitan Commander- You don’t know? This is hardly the answer I would expect from a Neaitan soldier of your stature. Please elaborate Commander Landor.

Landor- Sir, my men and I have searched every inch of the area where Patrick Andrews and his men had escaped and we just cannot find them sir. My men had found actual tracks leading into and around this forest area but they seem to simply vanish inside the tree line. We had also used infer red and fly overs as well sir, but for some reason we cannot find them.

Neaitan Commander- Commander Landor, do you know this problem has traveled outside of Japan? And that Neaitan soldiers are being killed in the streets because of this rebellion?

Landor- Yes sir, I do.

Neaitan Commander- Well, this is why we are relieving you of your duties as Commanding Officer of this area and of the Neaitan Army. Commander Landor you have been an embarrassment to this army. Do you have anything you would like to say before you are excused?

Landor- (Pause) Yes sir, will I be able to say good bye to my men before I return home to Spardon?


Neaitan Commander- You have all the time you need to say your goodbyes Commander Landor because you will not be returning to Spardon. Like I said before, you are an embarrassment to us and your own kind, so we have decided to leave you here.

Landor- Leave me here sir? What will I do here if I can’t help fight the humans?

Neaitan Commander- Oh you can fight with the humans all you like Commander Landor, you just won’t be fighting them with us. You’re dismissed.

Landor- But please sir, you can’t leave me here!

Neaitan Commander- You’re dismissed Commander Landor. Now leave this hearing before we decide to take you outside to face a firing squad!

Landor- But sir…

Neaitan Commander- Leave Commander now!

Landor- Yes sir.

 Landor was in shock. He knew that he would probably be relieved of his command, and even the blow of being fired didn’t surprise him. But for them to outright expel him from his own kind and abandon him on a foreign planet was inexcusable. He didn’t know what to do for the first time in his life, as he stared at the ground with his forearms resting in his lap.

His life and everything he had ever loved was now a thing of the past. His wife, parents, friends were now nothing but a mere memory. He was on his own from here on out and he didn’t like it one bit. And as he raised his head and looked up into the sky for an answer, he felt something running down the side of his face.

“Hmm, strange.” He thought to himself because this was the first time he had ever cried. And at that very second he concluded that the only way he could ever be happy again was to go home. And to achieve this near impossible reality, he knew he would have to capture the elusive Patrick Andrews himself, and then give him up to the Neaitans, with the hopes of them returning the favor by letting him return to his home planet of Spardon.

And as Landor stood outside the room where he was just delivered his fate, the doors swung open and out came the Neaitan Commander that had sentenced him to exile.

Neaitan Commander- Why are you still here Commander Lander?

Landor- Sir, I just wanted to ask for another chance. Please sir.

Neaitan Commander- Another chance? You don’t quit very easily do you?

Landor- Sir, if I am able to find Patrick Andrews on my own, will you let me return to Spardon?

Neaitan Commander- On your own? (Pause) You couldn’t locate this individual with the help of the Neaitan Army. How do you possible expect to find him on your own?

Landor- Please sir, just give me another chance.

Neaitan Commander- (Pause) If it wasn’t for your excellent history with this army, you would be up against the wall outside, waiting for me to give the order to the firing squad, but Commander Landor, you have been a remarkable soldier so, okay, one last chance and that’s it.

Landor- Thank you sir, you don’t know how much I appreciate this.

Neaitan Commander- I hope so (Pause) Oh, and one last thing. This is probably nothing but we had just received some information about a child living in a town not too far from here that might interest you.

Landor- Sir?

Neaitan Commander- Well, this child is apparently half Caucasian and our sources say that its parents are nowhere to be found.

Landor- Interesting. Did you get the name of the child sir?

Neaitan Commander- No unfortunately not. We couldn’t find any information about this child in our register either. It’s like this child doesn’t even exist.

Landor- What is the name of the town?

Neaitan Commander- Odashi. (Pause) Oh, and Commander Landor, sharing this information with you was strictly against protocol, so I want you to realize that this conversation we just had didn’t take place.

Landor- Yes, I understand sir. And thank you again.

Neaitan Commander- Good luck Commander Landor. I hope you make it home. Goodbye.

Landor- Goodbye sir

Manami was in her uncles kitchen preparing for the following days breakfast, while finishing off her nightly whiskey that would always help her sleep. She wasn’t much of a drinker before all of this had begun, but now as her hair was becoming a little greyer by the day,that shot of Jack was like a best friend.

Her uncle and Mally were already fast asleep and snoring in the back bedroom, as she set her empty glass down on the dining room table. And as she stood motionless staring outside the kitchen window, she heard a small knock at the door.

“Who could that be at this hour?” She thought to herself. And so Manami made her way through the living room and down the hallway that led to the front door. Manami was pretty tough but this past year had made her a nervous wreck. And for a brief second a chill traveled through her body that sent goose bumps up and down her arms.

She was worried that something evil had actually found its way to the outside of her uncles’ house and now wanted in. She was scared but she refused to give in to the temptation of acting like nobody was home, so she cautiously peeked through the peep hole of the door, to be greeted by the smiling face of Mally’s’ father.

Manami- Oh my God! Patrick! Come in! Come in! I’ve been so worried about you! How have you been? Oh my God! I can’t believe it’s you!

Patrick- What’s going on Manami?

Patrick sluggishly walked through the door smiling and gave Manami a hug.

Patrick- Why are you crying?

Manami- I don’t know. I’m just being silly. I guess I thought that I might not ever see you again. I thought that maybe, you were killed or something.

Patrick- Nope, here I am alive and kicking. Sorry that I’ve been away for so long but I have been a little busy. Where’s my daughter at anyway?

Manami- She sleeping in the back bedroom right now. (Pause) It’s hard to tell because she is still so young but I think she really misses you and her mother.

Patrick- Well, for the record, I’ve been missing her and her mother as well. How have things been around here anyway?

Manami- Well, we occasionally see the alien ships fly over town every now and then, but they have yet to actually pay us a visit yet. I heard a while back that you were leading some type of rebellion against them. It was only hearsay, so I didn’t know what to think because you have been away for so long. Is this true?

Patrick- Well yea, it’s the truth. For the past year now my cohorts and I have been a royal pain in the ass for our alien friends. And this is partly the reason why I am here.

Manami- I’m listening.

Patrick- Right now, I am at the top of the Neaitans shit list. And they are sparing no expense in finding me and whoever that has been involved in throwing that huge fucking monkey wrench into their machine. So, we have gotten word that they will soon be making a move on this town to find out any information about me and the rebellion.

Manami- So, what do you want me to do?

Patrick- Start packing. I will get Mally, but I need you and your uncle ready to leave this house tonight.

Manami- Tonight!? My uncle will never go for it. He and his wife had lived here for over forty years now. You know how stubborn he is.

Patrick- Well then, you are just going to have to convince him. And if he won’t leave with you then he will leave with us.

Manami- Us?

Patrick- I have men surrounding this house as we speak. They will protect you and your uncle and help with anything within reason you want to take with you.

Manami- Where are we going?

Patrick- We’re going back to our base camp in the Obake Mori. If we hurry, it should only take a couple of hours to get back.

Manami- Obake Mori! Why is your camp there?

Patrick- I know, I know, Obake Mori is spooky but you are just going to have to suck it up, okay? Manami, I am sorry about this but it’s for you and your uncles’ safety. You understand this right?

Manami- Patrick, I have always thought you were a little crazy but I trust you just the same, so don’t worry about it. I will wake my uncle and do my best to explain to him the situation. Now, go wake your daughter up and give her a big hug, okay. You both need it.

Patrick- Thank you.

Patrick made his way to the back bedroom to find a small body curled into a ball in the middle of the bed. And from underneath the blanket Mally’s face peeked out, with her lips puckered as if she was blowing a kiss. Patrick smiled, but at the same time he was sadden for the fact that Mao was not here to enjoy this moment. Takashi suddenly ran through the front door.

Takashi- Pat! We have got company!

Patrick- What do you mean?

Takashi- We had just spotted a Neaitan vehicle about ten minutes from here. 

Patrick- Only one?

Takashi- One Neaitan is enough for me. We gotta go now!

Patrick- We’re leaving, but just calm down. Alright?

Manami- What’s going on?

Patrick- My men have just spotted a Neaitan vehicle heading this way, so I need you to get your uncle, we’re leaving now!

Manami- That’s the problem, my uncle won’t go! He’s being his stubborn self again.

Patrick- Fine, I will get him!

Manami- He doesn’t speak English! How are you going to get him to leave?

Patrick- Don’t worry, just get Mally and go with Takashi! I will meet you guys further down the road.

Manami- But Patrick, how will you find us?

Patrick- Go Manami! I will find you!

Manami ran and snatched up Mally, while Takashi helped her by packing Mally’s baby supplies. And under a minute the two were already running out the front door to meet up with the others outside.

Patrick watched the group disappear into the darkness of the forest, while he contemplated in how he was going to get this old Japanese man to come with him. Patrick thought he could convince Manami’s uncle to come quietly when suddenly a dish smashed against the wall next to Patrick’s’ head. “What the fuck? “, flashed through Patrick’s mind as he turned around to find a very pissed off old man with a katana staring at him.


Manami’s Uncle- You get out my house!

Patrick- Oh great, you do speak English.

Manami’s Uncle- Nani?

Patrick- Never mind. Listen, sir, you have to come with me. Now please calm down and put down the sword.

Manami’s Uncle- You get out my house or I kill!

Patrick- Sir calm down. Oh fuck…

And as Manami’s Uncle gave his battle cry, the flash of headlights from down the street passed through the room. Landor knew he was close. His sources had not only given him superb directions to this tiny mountain town but the actual address where this mysterious child had resided. And as he slowly drove up the small street looking for the house in where his ticket home was probably sleeping, a white man carrying an older Japanese man over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes ran in front of his vehicle.

Landor came to a stop, as did the white man when he stumbled in the headlights, while the older Japanese man cursed and punched Patrick’s backside. And for a brief second, Patrick and Landor’s eyes made contact before Patrick disappeared into the foliage.

“That was him.” Landor thought to himself as he pulled the keys out of the ignition and gave chase. But after a few hundred yards into the darkness of the forest, Landor stopped and turned back.

He knew that by following this man into his own backyard at night would be suicide. And it was only a few hours until the sun would rise, and since these humans were fairly slow creatures on foot, tracking them would be no problem, so for now, he would simply wait until later to give chase.



After running ten minutes with a pissed off Japanese man on your back, your patience rapidly decreases, so Patrick stopped and dropped Manami’s Uncle on the ground, and after a few minutes of catching his breath and being called everything in the book by the geriatric samurai, Patrick apologized to the old man and then knocked him out.

“That should keep you quiet for awhile.” Patrick said to himself, and then hoisted the old bastard over his right shoulder again and pressed on.

Everyone waited impatiently at the meeting point for Patrick to arrive.

Manami- We shouldn’t have left without them. What if something happened?

Takashi- Don’t worry, they’ll make it here. Something must have happened, but sooner or later Patrick always comes through, so don’t worry okay? He is pretty tough.

Manami- I am not worried about Patrick I’m worried about my uncle.

Takashi- Like I said before, don’t worry. Patrick will make sure that your uncle remains safe. But, if he doesn’t get here within the next 30 minutes, we are going to have to leave without them.

Manami- Why? We can’t do that!

Takashi- Two reasons, first, that Neaitan patrolling your neighborhood makes me very nervous, and when there is one Neaitan, the chances are that more are coming. And two, the sun will be coming up soon, and that will put us at risk in being spotted by any unwanted eyes.

Manami- But what if they show up and we are not here, won’t he be mad?

Takashi- Don’t worry; Patrick knows the way home and he would want us to get back to base camp safe, especially since we have Mally with us

Manami- Okay, if you say so...

Making Contact with God


The first ten years of my life I was a good boy and accepted my mothers religion without complaint.  But as soon as I began to grow out of boyhood, my rebellion years took the reigns and whisked me away into the dark lands of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The belief of the divine still lived within me but it was buried deep into the world of my subconscious.


  But still, when life turned bleak  and I didn’t know where to turn, its light still brightened my doubts and gave me the strength to keep on keeping on.


  If you had ever asked me about my religious beliefs up to the point of maybe last year, something sarcastic would usually fall out of my mouth regarding the church to hide my embarrassment of being judged. And I am not alone with this line of defense when asked about “Your belief in God”. Usually the reply will come in the form of, “I’m not religious, I am more spiritual.” With the person giving the answer not realizing that these two adjectives mean the same thing. Why do we act this way?

It seems like most of the modern world doesn't want to be related to the churches due to what is happening behind the holy doors now, and in the past.

  The main religions of the world are to blame for this problem,  especially ever since the birth of the Internet. Bad public relations these “holy men” had created for themselves has pushed the public away from faith. We have all heard the horror stories of abuse and mind control these corporations doing the will of God have done, so I won’t carry on about it. I will though ask you a question. “No matter what faith you follow, how do you keep your relationship with the divine healthy?”

  I think the almighty contacts everyone differently because of personality, interests, and race, so whatever resonates with you, the Creator will use to become part of your life. Mine is nature and martial arts. I'm a huge fan of torturing myself in the woods with a mixture of "Rocky" style exercises and weapons training ( sword, staff, etc.)

And after bring myself to exhaustion I follow up with meditation and stretches, and one day while I was sitting amongst the trees trying to touch my toes, I asked for help.

   Some weird mojo had made its way into my house and because of this my family was fighting with each other, more than usual. So, I asked if the man upstairs could shine some positive vibes my way, and after doing this, calm had settled and everything was back to normal. This had awakened something I had buried years ago. My interest was perked and I researched for more information about meditation and nature based religions.

   The more I studied, the more my exercise routines had become not only physical but spiritual as well. This has been very beneficial for me. I'm relaxed and strangely alert when I finish, and all I can say is I'm thankful for this awakening.

But like I said before, every ones reality is different, so to achieve this for yourself, you have to find what works for you. ( Written word, religious mentor, etc)


You just have to keep an open mind and stay patient.

Let it happen.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Standing Up to Bullies

The bell rang, it was recess time....

I was a small boy of eight, around 1979

We had twenty minutes....

To raise hell...

Before returning to class                                                         


Which always felt like a prison cell

 Being force fed reading, writing, and math

And If I was given the chance, I definitely wouldn't go back

Oh, what to do?

Got no time to stand in line....

I might as well forget about the swings

And try my luck at the slide
But before I knew what was going on

Something had terribly gone wrong

When my face was slammed into the dirt

By some Italian jerk....

Who was wearing a "Chewbaca  Rocks" baseball shirt

Oh, what the hell? This means war!

But before, I could get up, he pushed me down, once more...

He said, " At three o'clock at the park, your ass is grass!"

I agreed to this battle, trying not to laugh....

The clock struck three...

I waited with my friends for the Italian bully

I tried to look courageous but inside

Fear was overtaking my foolish pride

And that's when his sister rode up on her bike

And skidded to a halt at my side, and said...

"My stupid brother is on his way. He's going to stomp your face, DEAD!"

I gulped, I shook, but I stood my ground

I probably would have split, if none of my friends were around

And that's when I heard the sound....

Of running sneakers, in the distance
Tony was on his way, angry as always, and with persistence
He yelled, " You're dead punk. I'm going to do this slow."

He swung, I ducked, and then flipped him with a judo throw

Everyone just gasped because they were surprised to see...

I just laughed, and said, "I learned that from watching TV."

And my finishing move that gave Tony disgrace

Was a handful of sand into his eyes and face

I definitely couldn't have had won, and destroyed this jerk

If it wasn't for my master James T. Kirk

Don't take shit from anyone....





What ever happened to standing up for yourself? When did it become more acceptable to stay a victim, and why did it happen?

  There have been a number of articles written on this subject and so far, no one has really come up with a valid solution. The conservative/liberal authors out there just like to blame the opposing team without actually questioning there own beliefs.
Well, now it's time for me to throw my hat in the ring and give my two cents in how I handled this little life dilemma with my kid.
  I am a middle of the road guy because in life you have to be flexible to what ever it chooses to sling at you. I didn't learn this warrior poet ideology overnight. It took me many years of having my ass handed back to me on a platter to reach the epiphany that this is a wiser lifestyle. I was your typical billy bad ass idiot that thought that everything can be solved with just destroying your enemy and every one that they are aqainted with, but ever since my offspring entered my life, I taught myself how to put on the Mr. Nice Guy hat, no matter in how much cringing I'm doing on the inside. Because like that old saying goes, you get more bees with honey, and believe me, I can lay it on thick when I have to. But when it comes to assholes picking on people my old self makes an appearance, and then bad things them.
My son is a white kid growing up in Tokyo, so automatically he stands out like a sore thumb amongst his class mates. Next year, he will enter elementary school, so the wife and I thought it would be best for him to make some buddies to join him on this adventure. So, we put him in a new daycare where the kids would end up going to the same school, due to its location.
His first daycare was an all female staff and at least eighty percent of the kids were girls, so his normal day was filled with all things pink and frilly. His new school is mostly boys and resembles a prison yard. So, since he was one, the new guy, and two, looked different, he became their bitch, real quick. I didn't know this was going down until the day we were invited to hang out with the families at the park. As much as I wanted to intervene, I watched my boy get thrown around like a rag doll the entire day. I felt bad and I wanted to stop them but I knew using this as a life lesson would be more productive.
 The day came to an end and everyone said their goodbyes. And as we were heading home we stopped off at the supermarket to do some shopping. As we were navigating the aisles we ran into one of the little boys that was giving my son shit earlier that day. Without hesitation, the little shit ran up, slapped my kid in the face, laughed, and then retreated back to his medicated mother.
Now was the time to put my plan into action.
I kneeled down and asked, " That boy just slapped you across your face. How did it make you feel? Was it fun?
He quickly responded, "No, it didn't."
"Do you want him and his friends to stop being mean to you?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
"Well, you better go over there and hit him back, but worse than he did you."
"But...but...his mother is with him." He said with a worried look.
"Do it." I said sternly.
And so he did.
He not only left his hand print on the kids face but he bounced the back of the boys head off the magazine rack that was behind him. Did we make a scene? Yep. Was my wife embarrassed? Yep.
Did my son solve his bullying problem? Almost.
 The next day, his classmates got word in what went down. So, the boy that got humbled the night before convinced his crew to turn up the heat on my son. It sounds terrible but I am talking about five year olds here, so there was probably alot of, "You are a poopy head." name calling followed by spazzy punches and kicks. Never the less, the boy had a shitty day.
"I hate everybody at this school." He told me as we were leaving the prison yard.
"Just keep doing what you did last night. When they are mean to you, be meaner back and they will eventually stop. Everybody goes through this. I went through this and the quicker I attacked back, those bigger and stronger boys left me alone. Don't give up, okay."
And sure enough, it stopped. After a few days of scrapping with the maniacs, he won their respect. He now looks forward to school and is quickly growing out of his pink frilly past. (Thank God)
So, the moral of this little tale is, it doesn't matter who you are or what you believe's real recognizes real.
 Stand your ground.














Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Get On the Bus!

 Traveling through the city on the mighty bus line....
Sardined with families, fiends, and rotting minds....
Writing rhymes about pathetic times
Blinded by the heat of the Cali sunshine....
A crazy man spoke to me about blowing up the earth....
To cleanse the lepers of mankind, for his saviors rebirth.....
A mother with girth got on with sadness in her eyes
Holding three bags of groceries while nurturing her child's cries....
New jacks in the back, rap, about being strapped and chronic sacks
While some old school cat brings back an old school track....
A man got on with out paying his fare
He smelled of piss and puke, while picking the lice from his hair....
The driver stopped with a blank stare
Opened the door, and then emptied the mans chair....
The mother signaled her stopped, while tending her child's cough
Picked up her bags and then got off....
The old school cat asked me for the time
And then, continued his drunken rendition of....

"I heard it through the grapevine"



   I wrote this poem when I was really, really, really poor living in Los Angeles. It seems like a million years ago. Anyway, since I the only wheels I had at the time was this crappy beach cruiser, I was forced to ride the ferry system for the crazy, when traveling more than five miles from my homestead.



   I would have to have two more hands to count how many times I've witnessed people getting assaulted and or robbed while enjoying LA's metro. This was a long time ago, so hopefully it's gotten a little more safer, but man, I've seen old ladys pulled off the bus by their hair to Mexican gang bangers stabbing each other while waiting for the light to change on Sunset Blvd.


  So, after ten years of living in that cess pool, I came up with a great idea to move to San Francisco with Kung Fu Chicken ( punk band that I was in ) and try my luck there. SF is way smaller than LA so you can walk to alot of places but you still have to rely on the public transportation system every now and then. The only difference with riding the bus, is that there was less violence because everyone is high in this town. They love their drugs in this city and have no shame in letting strangers in on their lifestyle, especially while your sitting next to them on your way to work. I had dudes spark up ( weed, crack, heroin) next to me like I wasn't even there, and probably in their reality at the time, I wasn't.



And now I live in Tokyo, Japan.


  Riding the bus here feels like you are on a city tour of some sort. It's clean, it's quiet, and you always get a seat. The drivers are super polite and will go out of their way to guide you to where ever you need to go. It's a very enjoyable experience but still deep down inside I still yearn for a little crazy every now and then. Damn you Japan with your well behaved society.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rabbits Are Terrible Pets!

It's 3am, and I'm wide awake again....

Thinking about my troubled past....

Where to begin? A memory frozen within....

A head filled with questions never asked

 A quirky 9 year old, just another blonde blue eyed cast

Of TV dinners, violent cartoons, and all about me

The story will be told, I'll let the events unfold

And let you be the judge and jury

It started at the mall, when I was about four feet tall

Shopping with my family

I wandered into the pet store, for something small and fury

Looking for another score to fill my zoo at home

I had hamsters, frogs, and parakeets, but still felt alone

 I wanted something more for my collection to be complete

Aside from my dogs and cats that gave you smelly feet

From leaving behind non stop pee and poo poo

And then unwind, with dead field mice and gophers

This is how they said thank you

 A came upon a cage of bunnies, for five bucks a head

Which sounds kind of dirty, now that I re-read 

What I had just wrote....

But I think you get the drift, so I will continue on with this note

 Or should I say letter of forgiveness 

Because if you had witnessed, what I had done

You would write me off, an label me a lowlife bum

 If I could go back in time, I wish I had...

Not been a bad pet owner and dead beat dad

To the rabbit I purchased, raised, and left it sad

 I had named him Thumper, which was very unoriginal

But my boyish mind suffered unconditional, 

Love for my self....

Everbody and everything else could just go fuck themselves

 That freaking rabbit decided on his first day

That he would rather live on our roof

Everyday, red tailed hawks would circle

Waiting for the best time to dive and swoop

 And Thumper gave no fucks, and was pretty aloof

He would just eat, shit, and sleep, while I had to clean up his poop

And after five long years, of master turned to slave

I thought he would be happier, if he lived amongst the meadows and caves

 So I let him go, close to food and a watering hole

And that night, coyotes ate him, just like my cat "Coco"

And all I can say now is that I'm sorry…

See you in hell



  Back in the days before I discovered girls, booze, and heavy metal, my time was spent taking care of my animals, and boy, did we have alot of them! Our house smelled like a freaking zoo half of the time, but that might have been with the human occupants as well.


Pretty much any type of sterio typical pet lived at our little home, but the biggest pain in the ass was Thumper the Rabbit. It sounded like a great idea when he was a cute little bunny, but after just a few months of living on our sun deck, his cuteness expired and he turned into an asshole, kind of like his owner.


And because of this independant spirit, even though I didn't really like him, I did respect him.


And now that I've matured into an adult, I have spoken to other rabbit owners, and they had experienced the same dick like personality as well. I'm sure there are some nice rabbits out there, but until I meet them, I will only speak fondly of these little critters when they are digesting in my belly.

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