Thursday, November 16, 2017

Angels and Demons

  I grew up catholic ( because my mother thought it was best for the family), and when I think back to those times ...standing, and kneeling, standing, and kneeling...standing, and then more kneeling....etc.

I don't really want to go back and do it again.

 It didn't resonate with me at all. But still, as I sat through the dog and pony show rolling my eyes in boredom, I stilled believed something or someone is out there looking out for us.

If you asked me what or who it is? I would humbly respond,  "I don't know, but it's a good thing."

  And when it comes into our lives, we should definitely pay attention and listen. These entities have shown themselves to me through number patterns (333), flashes of light, and in human form.

So, let's take a break from my drivel you'll normally find on this blog and talk about life.

 "What's the meaning?" is one of those age old questions that I have never been to fond of. It's too vague. I prefer, " What's the meaning of your life?" Why are you still here, and, what has kept you alive throughout all of these years?

Me, being a father and a teacher can sum up my existence with three words.
Protect, teach, and inspire.

Pretty simple, right?

But, to do this I have to follow the path that had been designed for me. And this path is filled with twists and turns, and especially alot of dead ends.

And this is where you will run into the two entities that share the title of this post.

If you are a generally good person the angels will get to you first. And of course if you have led a life of douchbaggery, well you know who you are going to end up going to the prom with.

I've crossed paths with strangers, when my life was not soo peachy. They just came up, dropped some inspiration, and walked away. It was just up to me to pick it up, and I did. And after that my world just seemed to magically get better.

The first encounter was when I was riding the bus in Los Angeles. I was broke, and didn't really know where I was going in my life. When suddenly, this black man that was sitting in front of me turned around and said, " Yo man. What you have to do is become your own hero."
And after that, he rang the bell, wished me good luck, and stepped off the bus into oblivion.
So I did, and things got better.

The second was with another black man ( total stranger ) that sat down at my table, while I was having my morning coffee, thinking about my next move. (still Los Angeles)
He said, " When I look at you, I see a whale in a pond. You need to get out of here."
And once again, he gave me a nodd, and walked away.
So I did, and things got better.

And the third, was when my family was settling down for the night, a few years ago in our Tokyo home. We were all lying down on the futon, in the dark, when my wife spoke up.

"Do you see that?" She asked.
And in unison, the kids and I responded in unison, "See what?"

"The lights on the ceiling. You don't see this?"

At first, I thought the wife had lost her marbles, but then I saw it.
There were these little sparks bouncing around our ceiling. And after a few minutes it stopped.
We all just remained lying there sharing the same thought bubble, which read,
"Hmm, that was weird."

But then, it got weirder!

The very next day I had received an email from my sister who studies this type of phenomenon.

The message simply said...

You are where you are supposed to be.
P.S. Archangel Michael says hello.

No one had ever said this maze was going to be easy to get through, but if you live your intended purpose, and take the same advice as I did, you'll make it.

They are here to help.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Once Upon a Time in America

   Once upon a time a group of business men gathered around a table. They were there to create a merger of a life time, and if everyone pulled their share, trillions would be made.

  Their plan was to split a country in two by using fear and misinformation tactics, and then, when things went south between both groups, convince them that by purchasing the companies products, a solution could be found to solve their differences. And to sweeten the deal, they even threw in a free smart phone, for the  gun/prescription combo sale!

  Things went well and profits began to show almost immediately. The rifles and pills were flying of the shelves!

  But, the addictions to these items grew and that's when things started to get really ugly. Paranoia set in between both camps and people started to die. The companies had already expected these little violent outbursts but just wrote it off as collateral damage.

 The money was too good to step down and do the right thing, so the doors stayed open for business.

  So, the public continued to over medicate and thin down each others tribes from the ignorance and manipulation that was fed to them through the media, and the business men that had created this whole mess got their dicks sucked by their trophy wives, as they high fived each other and laughed themselves to the bank, which was located in an off shore account.

And they lived happily ever after...

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wise One of Japan (Part Eight)

    When the average person of non-Japanese origin thinks of Japan, thoughts of neon lights and over crowded streets come to mind. But, this was a world that Patrick and Mao had despised long before they returned to her place of birth. And this is why they had chosen the small farming town of Dashito to live out their simple lives. Their friends could not comprehend why they would choose to live so far from the larger cities, such as Tokyo and Yokohama, because they were not only giving up the conveniences of metropolitan life but the career opportunities that city life had to offer as well. 

But this couple had witnessed these so called career opportunities before, which meant overcrowded trains, long office hours with low pay, and the joy of watching your ass grow throughout the years of service to your beloved company that didn’t give two shits about you.

So, before they had left the states, they did their research in where they would live and this is when they had decided on Dashito. Yes, they knew that they were giving up the chance of building a financial empire but this really didn’t matter to them because money was not a motivating factor within their lives.

They just wanted to live a simple life in the country, with simple jobs, simple hobbies, and simple problems they could easily overcome. And life was good for a while, until the economy had turned and Mao was not only pregnant but Patrick had lost his job as well.


  They had their savings to live off of but they knew after the baby came one of them would have to find work outside of their little town. And since Patrick was becoming quite popular as the towns English teacher, Mao had decided that she would do the commute to the big city. These memories passed through the head of Patrick as he and his new found army trudged through the darkness of Obake Mori.

Obake Mori had been infamous for its local folk lore in this region of Japan ever since the days of the samurai long, long ago. The story was that hikers unaccustomed to this dense forest had become lost and eventually died amongst the thick underbrush, and on nights when the moon was full in the sky, you could hear the cries for help throughout this vast wilderness.

The local Japanese feared this place immensely. Grown men would make up excuses while fighting back tears not to travel alone in Obake Mori, but for some reason Patrick fell in love with this place the first time he visited its mysterious essence. He knew and understood why people feared this place, but it was something about its energy that had attracted him to return time and time again.

But he would only go alone because that was the only time they would reveal themselves to him. And when I say, they, I am talking about the figures Patrick would see weeping at the corner of his eye. They would never appear in full view for some reason or another, which Patrick could not understand.

You would only seem them for a brief second standing next to a tree or atop of a rock peering down at you, crying. And as soon as your head would turn towards them, they were gone, and the only thing you had left was the goose bumps protruding from your neck and forearms. Patrick loved it. He loved the sense of fear that would open up his adrenaline glands. And this, he thought was the true feeling of being alive. Unfortunately, the rest of the group didn’t share the same enjoyment of their surroundings.

Takashi- Why did we have to go this way?

Patrick- Because it’s the easiest route to get to the other side of the mountain. Why, are you scared?

Takashi- You know this place gives me the fucking creeps.

Patrick- Don’t worry little buddy. I will protect you from the scary ghosts.

Takashi- Ha Ha, very funny. Anyway, how are you holding up? Are you okay?

Patrick- Well let’s see. Today, my wife was killed, I don’t know when, if ever, I will able to see my daughter again, and oh yea, I managed to get the entire town of Dashito on the Neaitans death list. I would say I’m not doing too good.

Takashi- Don’t worry about the towns people because they chose to get involved.

Patrick- I know, but they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. I appreciate what they had done but I have a really bad feeling this is going to end badly. I just care for them, that’s all.

Takashi- Well, they care for you as well, so you might as well and get used to them being at your side. You had inspired them. And if it wasn’t for you, the Neaitans would have eventually shown up anyway, and who knows what might have happened. So, you may have actually saved their lives.

Patrick- Well, yea maybe. I don’t know man. I am too tired to think right now. We should stop pretty soon and take a rest. And while we are at it, I need to grab about five or six men to help me out.

Takashi- What are you planning to do?

Patrick- I want to set some booby traps for our friends tomorrow. It should only take about an hour or so, so in the meantime everyone can relax and catch their breath while I’m gone.

Takashi- I don’t think everyone is too keen on stopping in the middle of Obake Mori to take a nap. Can’t we at least find a clearing first?

Patrick- Jesus, don’t be such a pussy. Nothing is going to happen to you here. You should be more afraid of what will be coming for us tomorrow than a couple of ghosts.

Takashi- So, this place is actually haunted?

Patrick- I’m going dude. I will be back in an hour. Take care of the group.

Takashi- (Timidly) OK

Patrick and a group of Japanese men walked off into the darkness of the forest while Takashi and the rest of the towns’ people looked around nervously in fear at whatever was watching them amongst the shadows. Rocks and dirt bounced off the sides of the Neaitan convoy that was heading for Dashito. Landor was having second thoughts at arriving too soon but they were only ten minutes outside of town, so there was no reason to turn back.

He had realized that he had panicked with his orders, and that he should have waited for more Neaitan soldiers to arrive, but here he was, sitting in the lead vehicle heading for a town that wasn’t even located on a map. It was dark out, which meant an ambush by the humans was possible. So, Landor turned to his driver and gave his orders.

Landor- I want you to contact the rest of the convoy and let them know that we will be pulling over. Before arriving into town, I want to send in a squad with infer red, and make sure that there isn’t anyone waiting for us on the rooftops. Do you understand what I’m getting at soldier?

Driver- Crystal clear sir.

The driver gave the order and the convoy of Neaitan soldiers came to a stop. A group of Neaitan Soldiers were then assembled and sent off into the darkness heading toward Dashito, locked and loaded. And as the rest of the group waited on the side of the road in silence impatiently, twenty minutes later, a voice crackled from Landor’s radio.


Sir, we have secured the perimeter. There doesn’t seem to be any one here, sir. The entire town is abandoned. Over.

Landor- Roger that. Have you found any remains of Sergeant Foni and his squad? Over.


Yes sir and it’s not a pretty site Commander Landor. Over.

Landor- Copy that. We are coming in. Over.


Yes sir.

And as Landor’s convoy rolled into town, Patrick watched from atop of a ridge that hung over the valley. Patrick and his crew were setting up booby traps along the trails they had traveled on earlier, when one of the Japanese men spotted the convoys’ headlights in the distance.

Patrick- Huh, they decided to show up early. I guessed we really pissed them off.

Japanese man- (confused) Nani?

Patrick- Oh sorry. Shinpai shinai de kudasai. Minna san ikimashou.

Patrick and his crew headed back to where Takashi and the rest of the group nervously waited in the darkness of Obake Mori. And when Takashi saw Patrick and his crew, he smiled in relief that his friends had made it back safe and sound.

Landor on the other hand wasn’t happy at all in what he had found lying in the center of town. And as the headlights of his vehicle illuminated the pile of dead Neaitan soldiers, the commanders blood began to boil. Landor stood there in rage, the leader of the squad that was sent to recon Dashito walked up and handed him a California driver’s license.

Landor- What is this soldier?

Squad Leader- We had found it lying in front of the pile of dead soldiers, sir.

Landor- Patrick Andrews? Who is this soldier?

Squad Leader- Apparently this human has residence in this town sir, and we have already located where he lives. It’s only a two minute walk from here, sir.

Landor- Soldier, have you and your men been inside yet?

Neaitan Soldier- No sir, we haven’t. Would you like us to check it out sir, and make sure that it’s safe?

Landor- Well, that’s a splendid idea. I can see that I have been giving the best to protect me. (Sarcasm)

Neaitan Soldier- Thank you sir. We will have a run through, and as soon as we know that it is all clear, I will contact you by radio, sir.

Landor- Thank you, soldier. I see a bright future for you. (Sarcasm again)

Neaitan Soldier- Thank you again, sir. This should only take a few minutes. Alright everybody, let’s go and check it out!

Landor could see the gleam in the Neaitan soldiers’ eye, as he and his squad charged the tiny apartment. And before the soldier kicked in the door, he paused and turned back towards Commander Landor to give a thumbs up, and in return Landor while rolling his eyes felt ridiculous but obligated, gave a thumbs up back, so that the idiot would just do what he was told to do. And with this approval from Commander Landor, the squad leader led his soldiers into battle, ready for any threat waiting for them behind the cheap wooden door.

But only half the squad could fit inside this humble abode that Patrick, Mao, and Mally once called home. This tiny apartment had only one room, well two if you wanted to count the bathroom area. And from the looks of the place, the owners of this dwelling either had to have a yard sale, or move to a bigger apartment. There was stuff everywhere, from furniture and clothes, to toys and nick knacks of every kind.


   The soldiers looked at each other and shrugged, while the squad leader grabbed his radio to let Commander Landor know that there wasn’t anything to worry about, but then a strange noise from the bathroom stopped the soldiers’ action. Every soldier immediately pointed their weapons at the bathroom door, while the squad leader began shouting commands towards the strange sounds direction. But no response was given back to the Neaitan soldiers, just the same odd noise over and over again.

The squad leader finally lost his patience and kicked in the door of the bathroom, to find a child’s toy staring back at him. 

Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!

What’s going on in there, soldier?     

Is there something wrong?

Neaitan Soldier- No sir, everything is fine, sir. We just thought that there was someone in the bathroom sir, but it was only a child’s toy, sir...

Landor- Is that what that annoying sound is? I can hear it through the radio.

Neaitan Soldier- Sorry sir, I am standing right next to it. I will try and shut it off. You can come in anytime you want sir. Everything is clear.

Landor- Thank you, soldier. You and your men did a good job today. (More sarcasm)

Neaitan soldier- Thank you, sir.

  The entire squad of soldiers heard the complement over the radio and gave their fellow Neaitan a pat on the back. The squad leader was proud of this moment, but couldn’t enjoy it because there was still an annoying little duck sitting on the toilet next to him making a racket. And for his and his men’s sanity, this obnoxious little toy had to be silenced, forever. 

So, the squad leader reached down to pick up the toy but suddenly realized it was stuck to the seat of the toilet.

“Hmm, strange.” He thought to himself.

 He put a little more effort in picking up the noisy little thing, but the toilet lid lifted up with the toy to reveal the bomb waiting to show off its chops. BOOOOM!

 The force of the blast blew half of the building into rumble, sending Neaitan body parts everywhere. Landor was knocked to the other side of the street, and was knocked unconscious, while smoke billowed into the air as Neaitan soldiers rushed to the scene to help the injured. And high above Dashito, the group of rebellions stood on the same ridge Patrick and his men had stood, and stared down at the destruction of their town. Patrick sat casually back on a fallen tree and said to the group, “Looks like they found the duck.”

And from this comment, everyone looked at their fearless leader with confused faces, and then turned to Takashi for translation, but Takashi too was stumped.

Takashi- Duck? Like a quack quack, kind of duck?

Patrick- There’s only one kind.

Takashi- Alright I’m totally confused. What are you talking about?

Patrick- Oh, I glued the duck to the toilet seat because I knew that the evil little bastard would lure them to the bomb I made.

Takashi- Um, okay. How did you make a bomb?

Patrick- You’d be surprised in what you can make with your common house hold appliances and cleaning supplies. What?

Takashi- Okay dude, now you are starting to scare me. Yesterday, I thought you were this nice guy from America, but today I find out you were some kind of crazy soldier that has killed people for a living. And from everything that happened today, well, I’m just saying you are making me a little nervous.

Patrick- Dude, relax. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the whole truth about my past, but it was for your best interests. But you were right; I am a nice guy from America, who happens to know a lot about killing people. And from everything that has happened today, who would you rather have in this mess with you? Crazy soldier that knows how to make really good explosives guy, or nice guy that plays guitar with you on Sunday afternoons?

Takashi- Your right dude, I’m sorry.

Patrick- No don’t apologize, you have a right to be angry with me because I lied to you. And for that, I’m sorry. But for right now, let’s forget about any personal shit and stay focused. And when and if this all dies down, I will buy you a beer and tell you anything you want to know about me. Deal?

Takashi- Alright you got a deal, but forget about the beer because you know that I don’t drink, just take me to MacDonald’s instead.

Patrick- No problem, you can even supersize it, if you want. Well, as long as we have gotten that out of the way. We should all try and get a little sleep because tomorrow will be a motherfucker. Let the others know that we are stopping for a couple of hours.

Takashi- Alright man, I’m on it.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

See You in Hell

It's 3am, and I'm wide awake again....

Thinking about my troubled past....

 Where to begin? A memory frozen within....

A head filled with questions never asked

 A quirky 9 year old, just another blonde blue eyed cast

 Of TV dinners, violent cartoons, and all about me

The story will be told, I'll let the events unfold

And let you be the judge and jury

 It started at the mall, when I was about four feet tall

Shopping with my family

I wandered into the pet store, for something small and fury

 Looking for another score to fill my zoo at home

I had hamsters, frogs, and parakeets, but still felt alone


I wanted something more for my collection to be complete

Aside from my dogs and cats that gave you smelly feet

From leaving behind non stop pee and poo poo

And then unwind, with dead field mice and gophers

This is how they said thank you

A came upon a cage of bunnies, for five bucks a head

Which sounds kind of dirty, now that I re-read 

What I had just wrote....

But I think you get the drift, so I will continue on with this note

Or should I say letter of forgiveness 

Because if you had witnessed, what I had done

You would write me off, an label me a lowlife bum

If I could go back in time, I wish I had...

Not been a bad pet owner and dead beat dad

To the rabbit I purchased, raised, and left it sad

I had named him Thumper, which was very unoriginal

But my boyish mind suffered unconditional, 

Love for my self....

Everbody and everything else could just go fuck themselves

That freaking rabbit decided on his first day

That he would rather live on our roof

Everyday, red tailed hawks would circle

Waiting for the best time to dive and swoop

And Thumper gave no fucks, and was pretty aloof

He would just eat, shit, and sleep, while I had to clean up his poop

And after five long years, of master turned to slave

I thought he would be happier, if he lived amongst the meadows and caves

So I let him go, close to food and a watering hole

And that night, coyotes ate him, just like my cat "Coco"

And all I can say now is that I'm sorry…
See you in hell

Angels and Demons