Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Making Friends with Tokyo Crows

 Black feathers flow through the city of Tokyo...
  Digging through trashcans, video taped by dash cams
Greeted by assholes with water hoses, chasing away the chosen, leaving  you frozen, gritting your teeth with pink fists swollen....

We are  always on the go, out of control and  misbehaving. Sometimes blamed for shit caused by the  ravens, swaying through the metropolis, acting crazy on top of this...

   Humans say we do amazing shit....
But, if we had our way with it, we would sink this titanic, set this pit ablaze and split, our tightly knit family fuels our persistence not to quit....

We have sentries trained for treachery....
With plenty of hype in keeping our enemies in fear for centuries, as they mourn their fallen in cemeteries...
Generally speaking, our power is  quite legendary

Perched high, watching eagles fly passed
While the lower class pigeons roost in over passes
Fighting over old man crumbs in park grasses
Our color was copied for master kung fu sashes

Exploding like a can of gas with a pack of lit matches
Feeding opponents heads to our hatch lings, when we rat pack
It's disastrous, lower life forms consider us cancerous
But realize making eye contact would be blasphemous....

This is how it has to be because any sign of weakness...
Would be a tragedy..

So, the next time you hear us cackling from the scaffolding's
Respect our territory or become another casualty...

   It started around four years ago when I was cooking morning slop for my sleeping family. It was five thirty in the morning and the pancakes were coming together nicely. The caffeine was flowing through my viens and I was feeling invincible, when out of nowhere, I low grumbling caw interrupted the grease popping  in my frying pan.  
 So I peeked out my kitchen window and found a large crow staring back at me from the roof of the next door apartment complex.  
Hey buddy, are you hungry? I asked the bird. 
Cawcaaaaww.caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. it responded back to me ( which I took as a yes ) 
Alright, hold on. I said. 
I grabbed a piece of raw bacon and made my way out to my balcony. 
Here buddy! Come and get it! 
  At first the crow was a little hesitant but quickly threw caution to the wind and quickly swooped down on the piece of meat. As soon as it gobbled up its breakfast it gave me a quick side glance, said Cawcaw! ( which I took as thank you ) and flew away. 
  This became a daily ritual for the next two years, and as usual as our little morning meetings had become, its trust in me never really grew. It would fly down but I would always have to step back a couple feet, before it was comfortable enough to eat its breakfast. I was definitely the needy one in this relationship, and as much as I wanted it to eat from my hand, I just excepted the fact that this is far as this friendship was going probably to go. 
But then one day, things suddenly changed. 
  I heard my morning Im hungry caw. And when I went outside to give my little crow its treat, I met its mate. Now there were two. Who was the male and who was the female, I had no idea, but the one thing I did learn was that its new lover ate first, always. 
  So, the feedings continued, my wife started asking questions about why we were going through so much bacon, and I was just happy that I could connect with nature in such a large town as Tokyo.  But then it ended. My crows just disappeared. I was little upset over it but at least I had more bacon to eat, and life went on. 
  2017 had arrived and the ice had finally thawed from the passing winter. I was back in the kitchen cooking breakfastagain, and sure enough.out of nowhere…”Cawcaw..caw came through my kitchen window. 
  I smiled, grabbed some bacon, and headed for the door, but this time my two friends had turned into four. They were a family now, and the mother was waiting on my balcony, so that it could feed its two annoying kids. I could relate to this one, since I was supposed to be doing the same thing, inside.

  The crow was a little braver now when approaching me, so it would actually hop up and take the food with me standing next to it. Then it would fly across the street and then vomit down its off springs throats (adorable, I know).
  This went on for two months until the chicks got big enough to take care of themselves, and I guess in crow world, as soon as your kid can survive without you, you and your mate move.very far away, without them.
  So, ever since then, I have become these two young crows uncle and they both fly down to me every morning and eat their morning bacon from my hand! This makes me very happy. 
  These birds are the perfect pet for some one that isnt allowed to have pets at his apartment. 
They fly down, we enjoy a few minutes together, and then we go about our business until the following day. Im just wondering now if I will meet the grandkids one day? 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Human Interaction is a Good Thing

Where's Larry

Nobody truly knows me....
Not even my family or my friends
My crazy is all I have.....
It lives inside my head....
I am truly lonely....
The flood gates won't empty out my mouth....
So, I fire up my satelight....
And wait for other worlds to tell me what they are all about....
Communication in reality
Is a broken vessel....

Imitations was its fatality
Unspoken messages sent by strangers
Has met its threshold
Does anybody love me?
Could you show me the attention that I truly need?
People push and shove me....
Would you give me a direction that I could lead?
They always laugh and stand above me....
Can you confirm that you are a human being?

My reflection has had enough of me....
It turns away on the computer screen....

By P. Harker

When I was a kid growing up in the early eighties, I was terrified of black people.

Reason being, the only time I saw black people, I was watching television. They were constantly destroying humans on the football field, pummeling humans in the boxing ring, and or, sitting in the back of a police car. There were a few blacks kids at my elementary school but they were thought of as the bigger meaner kids that would beat you in the school yard, so they were best to be avoided.

   And then one day, there was a knock at my door. It was the local boys from my neighborhood, and when they stopped by, fun was sure to follow. But as I opened the door, I immediately noticed that there was a new face in the crowd, a darker face, and that’s when the alarm bells started going off in my eight year old head.

“Uh oh, there is a ... (gulp)… black kid on my porch. Why is he here? Do my friends know? Maybe, he wants to rob us or something.” I thought to myself.

Mike- Hey Pat! Do you want to play smear the queer with us?
Me- Um…ugh…I…can’t go out. My mom says I have to help her…with something.

 And right when I was finishing saying “something” I was slamming the door on my buddy’s faces.

 “Phew…that was a close one.” I thought to myself again.

  And as much as I want to tell you that I had a change of heart, and then went outside and made friends with this kid, I can’t. I locked the door and hid in my room the rest of the day and practiced my deadly kung fu skills, just in case he came back.


   Yes, this was very stupid of me to behave this way. But, this is how a lot of people act with these bogey men the media informs you about. If the general public would just turn off their brainwashing contraptions, go outside and talk to their neighbors that are different from themselves, these phobias would go the way of the dodo. Going outside of your comfort zone and learning new things is awesome!


Human interaction is a good thing.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Old Man In My Ear

 At night, he starts his whispering...

About how I should get into whittling
He swears it will make me a million dollars....

And then I wake up with my great idea...
I'm feeling smart with sex apeal
People will greet me as a hero and a scholar...

Until, I share it with my world....
Which is my little boy and my girl
And they give me two thumbs down....

I'm just happy no one else was around
When my simple smile turned into a frown
Maybe, I'll come up with another humdinger tomorrow...

If life was the radio...
My knob always seems to go...
To the oldies station...

I'm not talking classic rock...
Just "Shits Thats Really Old A.M. All Talk"
About why jaw harps and slingshots are the latest hot sensation
This information just feeds my alienation!

History repeating itself fuels bi-polar mood swings
So, why do people say keeping the old ways alive is a good thing?
He tells me to stop my whimpering because his ideas are better than chicken wings
I'm a puppet on his strings, feeling like a ding a ling

I just wish the old man would stop force feeding me his knowledge….
That he learned back in prehistoric college
He's a mad man alcoholic, demonic, turning up the wattage
Unacknowledged new and fresh ideas..

Lying dead and demolished, and tossed in the garbage….

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Life and Times of....

Talked to a friend today....

I haven't heard from for so long
We went over old times
What went right and what went wrong

There were so many stories and grim tales
Found out who died and who is in a prison cell
Life is a trip to me
It flies by too fast
Just when you plan in the present
The future becomes the past

Ran into a girl I used to know
Three kids pulling at her side, she had no place to go
High school dream queen, it seems kind of strange
From a condescending look, to, "Can you spare some change?"

Another rhyme of a man of hard times
Searching for something more
A true soldier, lost to a world he hoisted of his shoulders
He walked out the door....

Ran from his problems and was caught in the aftermath
I found an old friend dying along side a beaten path
Where is my destination? Vengeance on who chose my fate
Will I be saved or find a padlock on heavens gate?

When it comes to kids, no one wants to listen.....
Attention is what they are wishing,..
When their babysitter is the television

I knew this kid Drew, he was a friend of mine
The only thing he cared about was his killing his precious time
Drew thought, "If I try, I will only fail."
From pennies tossed, and promises lost inside the wishing well

All these years and several tears made him walk away
Kept him up every night wishing for a better day
Always silenced, when he tried to speak his mind
Growing up in a world of abandonment and violence...
What's the use of even trying?
As long as he could sedate his mind everything would be just fine
Maybe he'd be noticed, if he shot up a school during recess time
We used to play football at the park...
But, the last day I seen him, he was handcuffed, in the back of a police car

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Angels and Demons

  I grew up catholic ( because my mother thought it was best for the family), and when I think back to those times ...standing, and kneeling, standing, and kneeling...standing, and then more kneeling....etc.

I don't really want to go back and do it again.

 It didn't resonate with me at all. But still, as I sat through the dog and pony show rolling my eyes in boredom, I stilled believed something or someone is out there looking out for us.

If you asked me what or who it is? I would humbly respond,  "I don't know, but it's a good thing."

  And when it comes into our lives, we should definitely pay attention and listen. These entities have shown themselves to me through number patterns (333), flashes of light, and in human form.

So, let's take a break from my drivel you'll normally find on this blog and talk about life.

 "What's the meaning?" is one of those age old questions that I have never been to fond of. It's too vague. I prefer, " What's the meaning of your life?" Why are you still here, and, what has kept you alive throughout all of these years?

Me, being a father and a teacher can sum up my existence with three words.
Protect, teach, and inspire.

Pretty simple, right?

But, to do this I have to follow the path that had been designed for me. And this path is filled with twists and turns, and especially alot of dead ends.

And this is where you will run into the two entities that share the title of this post.

If you are a generally good person the angels will get to you first. And of course if you have led a life of douchbaggery, well you know who you are going to end up going to the prom with.

I've crossed paths with strangers, when my life was not soo peachy. They just came up, dropped some inspiration, and walked away. It was just up to me to pick it up, and I did. And after that my world just seemed to magically get better.

The first encounter was when I was riding the bus in Los Angeles. I was broke, and didn't really know where I was going in my life. When suddenly, this black man that was sitting in front of me turned around and said, " Yo man. What you have to do is become your own hero."
And after that, he rang the bell, wished me good luck, and stepped off the bus into oblivion.
So I did, and things got better.

The second was with another black man ( total stranger ) that sat down at my table, while I was having my morning coffee, thinking about my next move. (still Los Angeles)
He said, " When I look at you, I see a whale in a pond. You need to get out of here."
And once again, he gave me a nodd, and walked away.
So I did, and things got better.

And the third, was when my family was settling down for the night, a few years ago in our Tokyo home. We were all lying down on the futon, in the dark, when my wife spoke up.

"Do you see that?" She asked.
And in unison, the kids and I responded in unison, "See what?"

"The lights on the ceiling. You don't see this?"

At first, I thought the wife had lost her marbles, but then I saw it.
There were these little sparks bouncing around our ceiling. And after a few minutes it stopped.
We all just remained lying there sharing the same thought bubble, which read,
"Hmm, that was weird."

But then, it got weirder!

The very next day I had received an email from my sister who studies this type of phenomenon.

The message simply said...

You are where you are supposed to be.
P.S. Archangel Michael says hello.

No one had ever said this maze was going to be easy to get through, but if you live your intended purpose, and take the same advice as I did, you'll make it.

They are here to help.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Once Upon a Time in America

   Once upon a time a group of business men gathered around a table. They were there to create a merger of a life time, and if everyone pulled their share, trillions would be made.

  Their plan was to split a country in two by using fear and misinformation tactics, and then, when things went south between both groups, convince them that by purchasing the companies products, a solution could be found to solve their differences. And to sweeten the deal, they even threw in a free smart phone, for the  gun/prescription combo sale!

  Things went well and profits began to show almost immediately. The rifles and pills were flying of the shelves!

  But, the addictions to these items grew and that's when things started to get really ugly. Paranoia set in between both camps and people started to die. The companies had already expected these little violent outbursts but just wrote it off as collateral damage.

 The money was too good to step down and do the right thing, so the doors stayed open for business.

  So, the public continued to over medicate and thin down each others tribes from the ignorance and manipulation that was fed to them through the media, and the business men that had created this whole mess got their dicks sucked by their trophy wives, as they high fived each other and laughed themselves to the bank, which was located in an off shore account.

And they lived happily ever after...

Making Friends with Tokyo Crows

  Black feathers flow through the city of Tokyo...     Digging through trashcans, video taped by dash cams Greeted by assholes with...